Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What happens when you have a husband who is too nice...

Monday was Cameron and my first official day off from school for the semester. Cameron usually doesn't work when there is no school since he works at the school health center and there are no patients over the breaks. I however am still working for another week until we leave to go home for Christmas. So here is the story of how our Monday off school went: We found out we needed new brakes in our car and needed to do it before we leave this weekend, so we decided that we might as well do it on Monday. I had to be at work at ten, but I thought that we should just both go to take the car in and then walk down to my work since it was only like one block from the car shop. So we took the car in and they told us it would be about three hours and I was excited because that meant that Cameron would have to stay for that long to keep me company. So while the car was getting worked on, we were in my office browsing the internet, talking, and just passing the time. The car place called at about one to say that the car was done. The ORIGINAL plan was to have Cameron walk back and pick it up and go home for the day to read his book he had been excited about finishing over the break. Well... I BEGGED him to come back after he got the car and to stay with me for the rest of the day(I get off at 6:00pm). SO, being the amazingly nice and accommodating husband that he is, he said "sure, do you want me to get us some lunch while I am out too?" So Cameron went and got the car and grabbed some delicious Bajio for us and came back. Well, to make a long story... shorter, he tried as hard as he could to keep me company and still try to get a little reading done as well. Anyway, this is how the last two hours of the day were spent for Cameron:

I can't get the picture to turn the right way and it is from my phone, so not the best picture, but it is of Cameron sleeping on the ground in the storage room at my work. He grabbed both our coats to use for pillows and I found a little blanket to cover him up with, and he was fast asleep for the rest of the work day. So basically this whole post is to thank him for putting up with me and my crazy requests (like coming to a FULL day of work with me just to "keep me company")
Thanks Cam, I love you!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving and Birthday Festivities

This year we were able to spend Thanksgiving with Cameron's family(and a little with mine since they only live two minutes apart),but we stayed at Lovinger's house and did the main dinner stuff with them. We had so much fun getting to see the Russons, and Dunaways who came to Spokane for the holiday and of course we were way excited to see Sean for the first time since he had been home from his mission.

We played lots of games,including the traditional dodge ball game(video at end of post)

We ate at the church since there were so many people. They had it all set up beautifully with Thanksgiving balloons and everything.

It was decided that the turkey carving responsibility should be passed down to Cameron this year so I had to get a picture of this momentous occasion.

It is also a tradition to make these turkeys to go at each place setting and since neither Nicole or Stefani were there to make them this year, Cameron and I had big shoes to fill by doing them ourselves, but I think they turned out great!

I can't believe this is the only picture I got of Cameron and Sean, but it is a good one(well at least the story was good). Ok, so it's not that good of a story I guess you just had to be there, but they were putting up this new light for their dad in his office and pretty much everything that could go wrong did. I wasn't really a part of it since I was just watching and laughing and occasionally handing them things they needed, but it was quite funny and we laughed A LOT in the process. I am happy to report that the light did get put up successfully.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was my 21st birthday and it was lots of fun to get to celebrate with family for the first time since I have been out of high school. I had left to do some homework at my parent's house and when I came back this is what I found on the kitchen table.

Cameron made me this awesome edible bouquet. For anyone that does not know, I LOVE LOVE fruit, so this was the perfect gift for me.

Cameron also got me part of this nativity set that I had been looking at down at school and his parents got me the rest of it. I was so excited because I really like this particular one and we don't have ANY Christmas decorations so it was like a two-in-one present. Sean and Scott also got me a bag of my favorite snacks which was way fun to bring back home with us. Also, my family got me some much wanted makeup and a cookbook that I had told my mom about a long time ago, two pairs of new jeans,a new disney movie and some notepads.To end the night both our families went out to my favorite restaurant and it was delicious. I definitely made out like a bandit. Thanks everyone, it was a great birthday!!!

And last, but not least....Thanksgiving day dodge ball!

Monday, November 24, 2008

True Blue Through and Through

This past week was especially intense as we prepared for the BYU vs Utah rivalry football game. To show his support and how big of a fan he is, Cameron decided it was necessary to wear a different BYU shirt/hat/sweatshirt everyday this week. I thought it would be fun to document this, so here you go! I took each picture just as we were walking out the door to head to school. The last picture is of him on game day (with the remote in hand and all).

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pell,Elda,Elle May,Pelda........Brooke!

It is my youngest sisters' birthday and I just wanted to wish her a very happy birthday! I dug up some adorable pictures of her growing up and thought everyone would like to see how the cuteness definitely runs in the family (: Happy 14th Birthday Brooke!

I was six when Brooke was born and I used to think that I was her mother(not literally her mother, I just thought that I was away better mom to Brooke than my mom was), like I would say things to my mom like "I can't believe you are letting her crawl right there, she is going to get hurt" or "that toy has pointed edges she is going to fall and stab herself" etc etc. Also, the title to this post are all nick names that I have had for her over the years. Don't ask me what they mean (cuz I have no idea).

Cameron's Brithday!!!

Yesterday was Cameron's birthday and we really didn't do anything too exciting. He had class from 7:45 in the morning till 9:30 last night, so we tried to be creative and basically just hung out when we both weren't in class.

Since neither of us were going to actually be home much on his birthday I made him this cake the night before. I forgot to get one of the little tips for the frosting so it didn't come out very well, but that's ok it was still good. There was actually a kid in one of my classes that had the same exact birthday as Cameron and was even turning 26 also, so when we woke up for class the morning of Cam's birthday I just cut out a big chunk of Cameron's cake and stole the "26" off of it and took it to class to give to the other kid. He was very excited so I was happy I did it(although I'm not sure Cameron was so happy that half his cake was going to some random guy).

I got up in the middle of the night and decorated our living room so it would be a little more exciting when he woke up.

Cameron with his festive living room. I made him that BYU football blanket that is laying on the couch next to him. He was surprised that I was able to order the fabric, make it, and keep it a secret until his birthday.

Since Cameron didn't get done with class until late, we decided to just grab a pizza(but not just any old pizza), we had to go to Craigos and it was really good (as usual). We brought it home and I was getting way into the whole birthday thing, so I got out the "wine" glasses that we got for our wedding and we poured our pop into them and drank out of those. Excuse my sweats and gym shirt. I had just got back from a cycling class when Cameron got home.

I think it was a fun day overall even though we still had work and classes. We will be home in Spokane for my birthday next month so we will be lucky enough to do things with our families for that. Oh yeah... Cameron got lots of cards and notes and packages so thanks to everyone who gave him one of those to make it a little more exciting.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is actually the first time I have been tagged, so i'm excited (but I hope my answers are not too boring for anyone)Here goes...

5 Things I was doing ten years ago...
1.Well, I was only ten so I pretty much can't remember anything significant but I'll try
2.Playing soccer and our team was amazing!
3.attending Mr. Olsen's fourth grade class
4.Styling hot (and huge might I add) glasses
5.having sweet B-day parties at roller valley with my friends

5 Things on my "to do" list today...
1.Go to work
2.Do homework
3.make dinner
4.Go to the gym a friend

5 Snacks I enjoy...
3.granola bars
4.almond joys
5.kit kats

5 Things I'd do if I were a millionaire... for all school a house
3.make a good food storage
4.keep the rest for savings- i know that's boring, but oh well

5 Places I've lived...
1.Spokane, WA
That's all!

5 Jobs i've had...
1.Call Realty Inc.
3.Spokane Valley Sports Club
4.RA at an apartment complex
5.Elegance in White

5 people I tag...
2.Jessica Robinson
4.anyone else who would like to do it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No pictures?

So, I just realized I have never done a post that didn't have any pictures in it, and since we don't have anything really picture worthy in our lives right now I will just do a quick update without pictures...

well we are a few weeks into a new semester. Cameron started the Nursing program and it is keeping him plenty busy. He is taking a few pre-med classes on top of his nursing stuff which makes him even more busy and occupied with homework. He also still works up at the health center, so needless to say it will be a long busy semester for him.

I am also in school full-time but I have managed to schedule all my classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I can work all day on Monday,Wednesday,Friday and Saturdays. I luckily have a great job where I can get some homework done while I am there. I am trying to graduate sooner than I should for when I started, so I am also taking 3 BYU independent study classes.

Cameron and I still love our apartment and are continuing to get to know new people in our ward which is always fun. We faithfully watch the BYU football games every Saturday, so if you are a fan too and want to come watch with us, you are more than welcome(Cameron's parents upgraded our cable for his birthday so we get the channel that the games are on).

Other than that, there is nothing really new or exciting going on in our lives right now. We did go to the BYU-UCLA game a couple weeks ago so I will put up those pictures when we get them from Cameron's parents.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home

After we got back from our cross country travels we went back to our apartment for one day, just long enough to unpack, do laundry and re-pack to go home to Spokane for about a week. Hillary's cousin Jordan was having his wedding reception on friday so we went up for that and to just hang out with family before school starts back up. We had lots of fun seeing everyone and it went by way too fast. We took lots of pictures with family so here you go...
The Skelton kids-I'm not sure how Cameron and I look like the youngest when we are actually two of the oldest
I got to have a girls night out with a bunch of my friends from Spokane and it was a blast!
Cameron and his youngest brother Scott
My grandma and I
Skelton kids at the reception
Thompson grandkids(minus Justin and Garrett)

Favorite cousin! (Staci)
We got to see our friends Jon and Michelle Spear which was fun, but the best part was holding new baby Nixon. 
He is such a cute baby

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cross Country Adventures

Well, we are finally back from our LONG trip to Boston and back. We were helping Cameron's sister and brother-in-law move out to Boston where he is starting Harvard Law school. We started out by flying from Salt Lake to Phoenix and then drove from Phoenix to Boston with a few stops along the way. We had lots of fun and took tons of pictures. I haven't counted exactly yet, but I think we ended up driving through something like 20 states on the trip. 

In the Salt Lake airport getting ready to fly to Phoenix 

In Phoenix on the morning of the first big day of driving
Cameron and his sister in Nauvoo
Nicole and I in Nauvoo
On a wagon-ride tour 
The trees are hallow so Tyler just decided to climb in!
We were able to do a session in the Nauvoo temple while we were there, it was really cool

Joseph and Hyrum
It was pretty much the routine to come back to the hotel each night after a long day of driving and turn on the Olympics for a little while before getting some much needed sleep
We were able to go to Carthage Jail and take a tour

I tried to take pictures of all the states signs along the way, but only a few of them turned out so here are a couple of the better ones.

We stopped in D.C along the way and got to see some good friends of Nicole and Tyler's. They bought us really good/fancy cupcakes that were delicious. 
While we were in D.C we got to go through the Holocaust Museum. It was really interesting to see all the things they had on display there. I think we were there for over three hours, but it was one of my favorite things that we did while we were there. 
The Washington Monument

The Capitol Building
Arlington National Cemetary

We watched the changing of the guards which was another one of my favorite things we did.

Driving STILL (and obviously getting a little bored)

Finally in Boston and unloading the truck (through the window, it was sweet)

Moving furniture
After we helped unpack a little at their apartment, Cameron and I took a bus to New York. It was a long bus ride but so worth it.  This is Cameron in front of the ESPN Zone. It was the first thing we did once we got there and I have to admit it was cool since the Olympics were on.

In the ESPN Zone
We went to a Mets game. These are our scalped tickets. 

On Wednesday Nicole and Tyler came to New York to hang out with us for a day. We went to the Serendipity restaurant where the movie was filmed. They had frozen hot chocolates which I wasn't too sure about at first, but they were way good. 
Central Park
Times Square
We saw The Little Mermaid on Broadway. It was amazing!
Statue of Liberty

We stopped at Ground Zero
The Seinfeld Restaurant 
When we went back to Boston we were able to go to a Patriots pre-season game. It was way cool and lots of fun even though they got crushed. 
We had so much fun on this one-in-a-lifetime trip and are so glad that we got the opportunity to do it. We saw so many things and so much of the country. It was amazing and we have lots of great memories, although we are glad to be back home after being gone for so long.