Saturday, March 19, 2011

What We've Been Up To...

I Just thought I would do a little update with what we have been up to in the past month. We have had a semi-boring month except for the fun and exciting visit from family.

First off was Valentine's Day. Grant had the most fun out of all three of us since he got TWO packages in the mail from Grandparents and Great Grandparents. He enjoyed opening them and finding the fun surprises inside. Cameron and I are still waiting to go on our Valentine's date since Cameron had to work every night that week... We decided we needed to do a makeup date from our anniversary as well, since I was sick and pretty much ruined that date night too.

Here he is waiting to open the packages.

After "reading" the card for a second, he decided it was better to just eat it (:

SO excited playing with the new teddy bear!

There were a few nicER days this month, so Grant and I decided to go for a run outside on one of those days. We got to the turn around point and Grant decided he didn't want to be in the stroller anymore, so here we are walking for a bit.

ummm... just a cute pic of Grant, why not?

We have spent many days hanging out with these girls (and their mom). It has been a LIFESAVER having them to hang out with on these LONG days of being trapped inside(although I am sure we will hang out just as much when it gets nicer). Here are the kids playing in the princess tent (:

Hanging out watching a movie. Grant LOVES Jenna. You can see the excitement on his face that we let him be a big boy and sit on the couch next to her. (:

All three of us came down with colds at one point this month. Cameron's was done and over with before Grant and I got sick. Here we are hanging out reading books in our pj's and in bed on one of the worse days.

Grant loves my hospital water bottle. He found it one morning when I was making his breakfast and started trying to drink out of it. Now his favorite toy is the straw from it.

Here are a few random pictures from several weeks ago. I had several requests from grandmas to take some new pictures, so here is our impromptu photo shoot.

this one is hilarious... he just can't contain his excitement/happiness sometimes

He took this one himself...obviously

Another random cute picture

The highlight of the month was definitely having Tyler, Nicole and Katelyn come and visit us from Boston for a week. We spent lots of time just hanging out and hiding out from the cold, but we did manage to brave the weather a few times to do some fun things.

Katelyn enjoyed putting Cameron's hat on Grant

Grant dodging Katelyn's kisses

Another one of Grant in Cameron's hat
lunch break between sights in Kirtland

We went to a little nature park/science center that was free(best part) and some cool animals for the kids(and us) to look at. Here are Tyler and Katelyn crawling through a tree trunk
Katelyn checking out the turtles

Cameron showing Grant the snakes

Outside there was some deer,bald eagles, skunks, foxes, geese etc.
not sure what was going on here, but this was just one morning right after we all woke up.

We went to the pool one day as well and that was fun. It was Grant's first time in a pool and I think he really liked it.
Here is Cameron showing him how to float

Big smile

Tyler, Katelyn and Nicole

on dad's back

Bath time- haha, just had to throw this picture in there. I'm sure later in life they will both be so happy that this picture was up on here for everyone to see.

Grant thought Katelyn's splashing was hilarious

I love this picture... He has recently learned how to say "DADADA!" and "MAMAMA!", he has no idea what they mean, but he says them all the time. This was him right before church last Sunday. He is right in the middle of saying DADA! So cute-if I do say so myself (:

Katelyn enjoyed climbing in the toy box and reading a good book

Just a few cousin pictures...

I know they both look like they are in a trance in this one, but I think they look alike here. Their eyes or something... mouths... not sure

We miss you guys and will take you back ANYTIME!

So there you have it, our month-ish at a glance. Don't worry, many more enthralling posts just like this one will be coming soon.