Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Grant's Frist Trip tp the Dentist!

Grant had his very first trip to the dentist! He was a little nervous at first, but pretty excited at the same time. He did his usual thing he does when we go to any kind of dr. appt and just kept a straight face the whole time. Not mad, sad, or happy. Just taking it all in, I think. The dentist and hygienist were really nice. 

The dentist joked that Grant should play poker with such a good "poker face". 

Happy to leave with a good report! No cavities!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Grant Turns 3!

On August 7th, Grant turned 3 years old! I can't believe it. For some reason three just seems so much older than two to me. It seems like he is out of the toddler stage and passed to more of a boy stage if that makes any sense. He is still our crazy and adventurous little boy and we love him SO much! He is a great big brother and is always up for some quality rough-housing. He had a great couple of days celebrating.

Birthday boy blowing out his candles on his birthday pancakes. 

A couple days before his actual birthday we were able to celebrate with some friends from Cameron's school. We had a BBQ and a football ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. He loved it. 

Our little family!

The day before Grant's birthday, we decided to celebrate because Cameron had the day off of school. We invited the Stelters to meet up with us at McDonald's and had some cupcakes. They bought him an awesome spiderman toy that he LOVED. Grant just loved running around and playing in the play area with them too.

Grant and Truman

pure joy


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Extravaganza!

This is a summary of summer 2013... in pictures! It was a great summer. We were outside A LOT, either at the park, on walks, in the backyard or whatever. We got to go on bike rides and watch movies and just do tons of fun things as a family.  
Here are ALL the pictures!

Movie night with dad

4th of July parade
Seeing Despicable Me 2 in the theater

We were able to take my childhood best friend, Ashley Larson, who was serving her mission out here in Kirtland, out to lunch. So fun to see her throughout her mission!

The girls in "the group" of friends from Cameron's school
Julie, Amanda, me and Rachel

The other halves to the girls(minus Rob)
Cameron, Kyle, and Andrew

The whole group(again missing Rob)

Father-son Campout in the backyard


park fun

trying some solids

4th of July

watching fireworks

Potty trained!!! EASY PEEZY! Yay!
Grant was a great potty trainee. It was the normal struggles for about 3 days and then he was GREAT! I hope all my kids are this easy(although I probably just jinxed myself (; )

Fun family bike rides in the Metro Parks! We love our new bike trailer for the kids and are excited to use it for many summers to come!

Going on an impromtu swim in Lake Erie... The Stelter boys were laughing hysterically when a few minutes later, Grant decided to go skinny dipping!

Cody at his 6 month dr appt. 

Trying samples at Costco

we found some workout equipment at the park

At the fair with friends

a HOT day


Cody almost 8 months old

He was sad the food was gone (:

Visiting the fire station 

One of MANY walks!

Grant started swim lessons! He loves them and LOVES his teacher Cenz!

Mom and Grant went to Shrek the Musical

walking home from checking out some books from the library

Checking out the Lakewood Art Festival while dad studies at the library

squinting into the sun. Love those cheeks

bedtime stories with dad

A friend of ours gave Grant this awesome Cleveland Indians hat. He loves it!

Sleepy dad and Grant. They were both out in seconds

Whenever dad is home, he is bombarded by little boys competing for his time. They all love it and I love seeing them together.

Such a fun summer! Completely packed with great little adventures as a family. Woohoo!