Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Family time

This past weekend Cameron and I took a quick trip to Provo to visit lots of our cousins. We went out to eat (at places that Rexburg doesn't have, which is most restaraunts), played some football, went shopping and had a great BBQ with everyone. We had a way fun time and are excited to see everyone again for Jordan and Amy's reception in Spokane!

Steph and Staci making the fruit salad before the BBQ. Funny picture of Staci, but she said she wanted to make it onto our blog so here you go!

Chopping up TONS of fruit

Relaxing at Stephanie's apartment

Again, great picture of both Cole and Staci

This is my cousin's son Blake, he loved squirting himself in the face with the spray bottle. He was soaking wet, but loved it.

Uncle Jordan with Blake
Justin making the hamburgers
Monica, Amy, and Jordan. Amy and Jordan are engaged and will be getting married in August.

Cam and me
Putting out the fire on the grill

Time to eat!
My brother Cole, not sure what he is doing though Laughing

We never took a whole group picture of all of us, but this is somewhat close. It is just missing me (since I took the picture) Jordan and Amy.
Thanks for a fun weekend everyone!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hair Cut

My friend Jenna cut my hair today. I just told her I wanted it short and cute and somewhat like how she did it on another friend of mine, and it turned out great! I really really like it even though I was a little nervous to go this short. 

The first cut...

The final product
Short layers in the back

Thanks Jenna! All those years of practicing hair cutting on my hair have totally paid off. 

4th of July

We had a great fourth of July yesterday. It was busy and lots of fun. We started out going to the Rexburg parade and seeing all the fun floats and people that were there.

We actually saw one of my friends/old roommates on one of the floats. She teaches gymnastics at a gym here in Rexburg, so the float was a big trampoline that they were doing cool tricks on. That is her on the trampoline in the pictures below. Taking a picture break while waiting for more of the paradeAfter the parade we came home just long enough for me to make a pasta salad and then we headed over to the ward BBQ. It was lots of fun and we were there for about three hours.
Cameron helped the some of the little kids play baseball before we ate. After we ate and chatted for a while, all the guys decided to start a game of soccer. I sat and watched with all the moms on the sideline. And since I didnt have a child of my own to watch while my husband played, one of the dads gave me his little boy on loan until his mom got there. Still playing and it was HOT!
After we left the BBQ we went back home to eat dinner and just hang out for a little while before we left for the rodeo. I think the rodeo was the best part of the day for both Cameron and I. There were lots of crashes and spills and it was also Cameron's first rodeo. I took lots of vidoes at it and, but they are all pretty good (and short) so I put them all in.
They do the "muttin bustin" at the beginning before the actual rodeo starts and I think Cameron was really nervous for each one of the little kids that came out on one of those crazy sheep. We were both a little worried when one of the sheep ran straight toward the fence and smacked the kid's head right into it.
Enjoying his first rodeo experience

This is mine and Cameron's favorite video. He gets some serious air at the end (but don't worry, he was ok).

I tried to take a picture of the pretty sunset, but it doesn't really do it justice.

The end of a fun-filled fourth of July. And what better way to end than with fireworks?