Monday, July 1, 2013

Paige's Wedding and some summer fun

In June we went home for Paige's wedding. The boys and I went about a week before Cameron and then he joined us just before the wedding. It was a great trip full of family and friends!

This was actually back in May, but this is what Cameron and the boys did for me for part of my mothers day present. It is each of the boys footprints in a frame. I loved it. 

It looks like these pictures are pretty out of order, but i'm not going to fix them! haha

Before Cameron came, the boys and I rented a car and drove 3 hours to Missoula, Montana to meet up with our good friends, the Coils! We left early and met up for lunch. Then we took all the kids to a rec center and went swimming. They all loved it. Then, just like that, it was time to get back on the road to head back to Spokane. It was seriously SUCH a fun trip. I wished it could've been longer, but we'll take what we can get!

Cody hanging out at the pool

Marin and Grant(Twins! born on the same day!)

This was actually packing for our trip to Spokane, but I thought he was cute

Getting his wiggles out before getting on the plane to Spokane 

Such a good traveler

watching the men load up the plane and Cody hanging out with the flight attendant

The flight attendant asked if he wasted to meet the pilot! He loved it. So cool. 

The Skelton family playing some Beatles Rockband 

A collage of our day trip to Missoula

Carlee, Porter, and Grant...buddies!

Grant is a good drummer!

Trying on uncle Cole's shoe

haha! Exercising with mom, dad and Mimi

saying goodbye to aunt Brooke

Another good traveler

driving the plane

Having fun with Brett!

Cody and Stefanie!

Jumping on the trampoline!


Handsome boy ready for the wedding!

Erin and Cole!

Sneaking some cookies with Grandpa

VERY tired boy at the reception 

Sunday afternoon nap

Happy guy with Aunt Cory

Cleaning the boat

Celebrating Grant's 3rd birthday a few days early

Hugs for Grandma Margaret

Cody loved Grandma Margaret

Practicing roping with grandpa

love this series of pictures

showing Grandma how to use her new iPad

The other huge event that happened while we were home was the Grandpa and Grandma Green came home from their mission to Africa! We got to be there to meet them at the airport! So fun

Grant hugging Grandpa THOMAS Green(Grant's middle name is Thomas after him). They definitely have a special bond. 

They have a tradition of giving each other a Milky Way candy bar when they see each other. Grant got his out to give to Grandpa Green and at the exact same time Grandpa Green pulled one out for him! It was so perfect. 

love this one

Crazy boy

The plane ride home

The rest of these are just random pictures from the summer. 

Goofing around in Cody's crib. 

A LITTLE tired...

Headed out for a walk

I think this was actually before we left, but the anesthesia department at the Cleveland Clinic puts on a family day at the zoo. They had catered dinner and shut down the zoo just for us. It was a fun evening!


waiving to his shadow

still eating healthy!

smiley boy

made his own salad

My childhood best friend was serving her mission in Cleveland! Small world... I even got to teach some lessons with her while she was in my area!

outside fun