Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Spring Break"

At the beginning of April the boys and I got to go home to Spokane for two weeks. Cameron was finishing up his hardest semester of school and I thought it would be nice to give him some peace and quiet to study and take the boys home to get some much needed attention from their grandparent, aunts and uncles. It was a really great trip and the only thing that made it bearable to leave family and come back to Cleveland was that Cameron was here waiting for us. We were able to drive up to visit some more family in Nighthawk for a day. Grant loved playing cowboy with Grandpa Skelton and watching Grandpa "rope them cows!" He was even given his very own cowboy outfit from aunt Paige and he loves it. There was lots of jumping on trampolines, eating good food, visiting with lots of family and just tons of fun in general. It was a relaxing and fun, and needed trip and I am so glad we were able to make it happen. 
The pictures are pretty out of order, but I guess that doesn't really matter. I just want to document the trip and get the pictures posted. 

This was on the flights out to Spokane. The boys both did very well. Grant liked to keep himself informed on safety procedures and Cody either hung out on his pillow, ate, or slept. 

It was a lifesaver to have the IPad and kid headphones for Grant. He watched movies and some favorite  shows. 

In his cowboy outfit right after Paige gave it to him

Grandpa and Grandma's new trampoline

Helping Grandpa with some yard work

Grandpa even jumped with Grant for a bit

Grant was in heaven

Grant talked people into reading LOTS of books to him

Grant liked to "go fishing" off the stairs

Family time with the Thompson clan

It took some convincing, but I talked my grandma into playing the piano for a minute. She played it all from memory. It was cool watching as it came back to her. 

haha... telling me to not take pictures of her

Staci, Connie, Jenn, Jess, Miles, Brooke and Baylee

Cody Clinton with Grandpa Clinton

lots of roughhousing 

Grant loved Brian and wouldn't leave him alone the whole time

More yard work. Grant got to spray all the flowers with deer repellent 

Helping BBQ hamburgers

Grant and aunt Brooke

more stories...

Grandma thought Cody was cold while waiting for me to go get him some clothes, so she wrapped him up in her nightgown! He was quite snug. 

Grant and Miles sharing some pizza

Miles and Grant taking a bath and having a CRAZY splash session. The bathroom was soaked after. 

Grant just doing some light cleaning at Grandma Margaret's house

Grant age 2.5 and Cody age (almost) 4 months

mmmmm, Mimi's homemade cinnamon rolls

Jackson devouring a hamburger

we went on a couple walks and on this day we stopped to see the animals

Mimi, Jackson, Katelyn, and Grant

Dropping Grant off for his first official sleepover at Papa and Mimi's house. He had SOOOO much fun. He got to go to McDonalds for dinner and to play and then with them to the young single adult FHE, where he fell asleep on Papa. Then they came home and watched a basketball game, read some stories and went to bed. 

They made a big breakfast and played a lot the next day. 

This was Grant's reaction when I came to pick him up the next day...He ran screaming and hid under this table and cried and cried saying he didn't want to go. I was glad he had so much fun!

We had a couple of injuries during the trip.... Cody got this nice big goose egg curtesy of his mother. I was holding him and turned quickly to tell something to someone and smacked his head right on the corner of the wall. It was so loud and he cried a lot. I felt so bad. 

I was not there to witness this one, but I am told that Grant stuck this toilet seat on his head and then couldn't get it off! It took some serious tugging from Papa and Mimi to finally get it and it left his ear quite bruised for a few days. 

Just a random picture of Cody attacking Grant

Grant took this picture... not bad

What happens when Aunt Paige is left in charge for a minute

Grant LOVES to play rock band any chance he gets

Story time at the library with Jackson and Katelyn

The cousins playing with some glow sticks from aunt Cory

Cody and aunt Cory

More stories

playing outside. It was sunny, but still a bit chilly

smiley boy

Grant got really tired while Grandpa was reading to him this night

Go-gurts and Papa and Mimi's house

Grant and Katelyn in their very own reading corner

And last, but not least, the pictures from the day we spent in Nighthawk watching/helping with the branding.

On our way there we stopped at Big R ranch store and Grandma and Grandpa bought Grant his very own real cowboy boots!

Enjoying some Curious George on the drive

 On the way home after a fun day of playing in the dirt and watching all the action. Tired boys

Grant was in heaven with so many things to check out and climb on

discussing things with Grandpa

AS soon as we got there Cody had a huge blowout diaper. Luckily I had a spare pair of pj's so he had something to wear. 

The happy engaged couple

Grandpa getting in on the action

"Rope them cows Grandpa!"

wondering around Nighthawk

Grant on the flight back to Cleveland. The boys must have been worn out from having so much fun because they both slept almost the whole first flight. It was VERY nice (: