Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Random Update

Well we have not been up to anything too exciting lately. Cameron has been working a lot and we have just been having fun hanging out together on his days off. My friend Jessica came to visit at the beginning of November. She flew in from San Diego and it was tons of fun seeing her and showing her around Cleveland. I turned 23 on Monday and we did a few fun things for that as well. Here are a few pictures from these events and just hanging out.

Our awesome downstairs neighbors/friends made me this sign for my birthday.

They also decorated the stairway, it was a great surprise as I took the laundry downstairs in the morning.

In our house we have whiteboard as the backsplash in our kitchen. It is fun to keep lists on and just to write notes on. This is what Cameron did the morning of my birthday. He also had put TONs of notes around the house for me to find and cleaned up! It was the best!

Later in the day Cameron took me to get some new jeans and then out to Red Robin. Here are the boys enjoying their meal.

After Red Robin, we came home and Cameron took Grant while I took a birthday nap. Here are Grant and I just before my nap and right after Grant had fallen asleep on Cameron's lap. He was sitting with Cameron while he was doing something on the computer, then we looked down and he was just slouched over asleep, so I took him and put him in his crib for a good nap.

We hung out for a while and then bathed Grant and put him to bed. We took the monitor downstairs to Jake and Jill to listen in case he woke up and we headed out for the night. Well, the plan was to head out for the night, but it ended up only being like an hour and a half. We were going to go bowling, but the place we were going to go was CLOSED, at NINE... kinda ridiculous for a bowling alley, but whatever. So we decided to use one of the gift cards my parents got me and get half price appetizers at Applebees. Here we are in front of Applebees, although you really can't tell where we are since we didn't quite get the sign in the picture.

Here are Jessica and I at the Lake. It was freezing cold and raining so we only stayed long enough to look for a minute and take a picture.

Taken by Jessica when she was here

One day while she was here we headed down to Amish country. Cameron and I had never been and we heard it was fun, so we decided to check it out. Here we are in front of some of the pretty fields and fall trees.

On another day, Jessica and Grant and I went down to see the Cleveland botanical gardens. They were featuring two different exhibits at the time, Costa Rica and Madagascar. It was really cool and I think Cameron would love it, so we will for sure be going again in the spring. Here we are at the gardens.
Grant and I at the outside portion of the gardens

Jessica took a few pictures of Grant while she was here and I think a lot of them turned out way cute. Here are some of my favorites.

I LOVE this one... he looks like he is looking right at someone and sticking his tongue out at them. Cameron said he looks like he should be one of the members of KISS! haha...

Here are a few random pictures from the past month or so. Back in October our heat went out for the night, luckily it wasn't too cold outside yet, but we still wanted to bundle Grant up for the night, so here he is with his layers and hat just before bed.
Headed off to take a bath!
Holding onto his teddy bear and watching his mobile

His shirt got a little stuck as we were taking it off. I thought he looked cute and chubby, so I took a picture.

Dad and Grant on my birthday

Grant LOVES his nightly baths and gets SOOO relaxed in them. He just lays there floating and hanging out. He just lays his arms straight out to the side and yawns EVERY time, just a few minutes after we put him in the water... he knows taking a bath means it's bedtime! Here are a few pictures of his bath time and a video of the yawing part(at the end of the post)

Cameron was playing with Grant and started making different noises. We soon noticed that Grant was trying to imitate the noises, so here is a video of that.