Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Grant says...

I have been meaning to do a post about all the crazy, funny things that Grant says for a LONG time now and have never gotten around to it. I'm trying to remember as many as I can since he says some unbelievable thing pretty much everyday. These aren't in any certain order, just however I remember them. Here goes...

We were trying to teach Grant not to say certain words, particularly "Oh my gosh," and he replied, "Can I say 'Oh my nuts?' Or how about 'Oh my crap?'" Guess we need some more teaching(and me in particular to stop saying things like that /: He does say "oh nuts!" pretty often now, and that always gets a laugh when other people hear it.

One week he was being a terror and during every nap time, he would move around everything in his room(including his dresser, bookshelves, bed, and the twin bed that WAS in his room(we've since taken things out so he can't be such a destructo). The first day he did this, I went in to yell at him and he hopped back into his bed, and said "YES SIR OFFICER!! I had to try really hard to not laugh until I was out of the room.

One day at the grocery store I accidentally bumped into someones cart with mine and before I could even say anything, Grant said "Sorry!" But he said it kind of rolling his eyes like "sorry my mom is a loser and ran into you!" The lady and I laughed pretty hard.

Grant spit on the ground (NO idea why) and when I very sternly told him to get a rag and clean it up right away, he jumped to his feet, saluted me and said "yes SIR!!"

This is what we saw for a good hour one night before Grant finally gave in, pushed his BED against the door, crawled in and fell asleep. Apparently being sick has the opposite affect on him, since he was especially hyper all day. Also, while he was laying with his fingers under the door, he continuously said "come back horsey!" Because Cameron had given him a horsey ride just before bed. This kid will be the death of me...

Conversation one night:
Hillary - "Can daddy come pray with us?"
Grant - "No, he's a monster"
Hillary - "What? Daddy isn't a monster?
Grant - "No momma, he really is a monster. He has to stay out there."

While we were home for Paige's wedding, Grant started saying "Hallo!!" to everyone. He would say it all the time, but especially in the mornings. It was pretty funny to see him wave and say's better to hear it, but it's like "Haaallo!"

Also while we were home, Grandpa and Grandma Green got home from their mission to Africa. One day just after Father's Day, Grant found a Father's Day card, picked it up and acted like he was reading it and said "Look a letter from Grandpa Green. Grandpa green went to Africa where it was soooo hot and so he went to get a drink from the baboonses"(Baboons) 
Then he asked me Cameron "Dad was that a great book?" He said yes, and then Grant said "You're right! That was fantastic!" Then he grabbed all the cards and said "Daddy please I read all these bookses for my presentation?"

Grant's Misuse of Words:

"I can't Dad, I'm just too boring"
"I can't put my shoes on, they're too sloppy"
"I can't go to bed, it's too sharp"
"I can't eat my dinner, it's too deep"
"I don't want to watch that Mom, it's too spicy"
"I can't wear that shirt, it's too lucky"
(They aren't always in a negative way, but those were the most recent usages that I could think of.

I know there are tons I am missing, but I know there will be MANY more to add later on, so I will just do a new post in a few months.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Candy Bars, Easter, Best Husband and Friends

As I said in the last post, Grant received a special letter in the mail from his Great- Grandma and Grandpa Green. They sent an awesome letter along with 3 $1 bills for Grant to buy himself and his mom and dad a Milky Way candy bar! Grant and Cameron walked down to the store on the corner that very day to buy the candy bars. Grant was very happy. 

Here he is walking to the store

 picking out the three candy bars

Handing mom hers- Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa Green!

Just some play time. Side note: Cody is 3 1/2 months old here(Just for my own knowledge I guess)

 I had a pretty rough few weeks at home with the boys the last part of February and the first few weeks of March. Between Grant's surgery recovery not being as smooth as we had hoped and Cody getting sick and both boys getting up many times throughout the night and it just being so cold and nasty out that we really couldn't leave the house(let alone the fact that the flu was literally declared an epidemic here in Ohio, so I didn't want to chance taking the boys out and getting them sick). Also, Cameron was in the middle of his most difficult semester of anesthesia school which didn't help things. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it was pretty rough on all of us. So Cameron walked in the door one night (March 21st) after being at the hospital since 5am, handed me a bouquet of flowers, a very sweet hand written card, chocolate, and a gift card for a pedicure! He then said "I'm going to take care of Cody all night (he was still sick so he was still getting up a lot at night), you can lock yourself upstairs and sleep all night. I also took tomorrow off so I can play with the boys while you go get the pedicure.
 I love him (:

And since i'm super light sleeper, he pulled out our spare twin mattress and slept just outside Cody's room so he could hurry and get to him before I could hear him from our room upstairs. It was the best gift ever and really what I needed to get reenergized and a bit happier (:

Getting out of bed on Easter morning

Spotting the basket

This picture is hilarious... you can see he has a lint roller sheet stuck to his bum! He wakes up with them all over him.

Checking out his dollar store loot

He got a couple of eggs with a piece or two of candy in them since we knew he would be going on an egg hunt later and have plenty of candy

He loved his little dart gun. He chased Cameron and I around shooting us all day

 "mmm mmm"

"mom, look! I'm eating candy for breakfast!"

Later that day, after church and short naps, we headed over to the Stelters for an awesome Easter dinner with the Swans and Franklins and the sister missionaries. Here are all the kids getting ready to start the Easter egg hunt after dinner. 

Finally released!

He was sprinting around everywhere. That's why I don't have any great pictures. 

He was so sweet and kept walking up to the adults that were watching and offering them some of his candy. 

Dad and Cody watching the festivities

 Cody wasn't so happy that it was so bright outside

the younger kids
Sam, Truman, Faith and Grant

This was the day after Easter. I was carrying our nice serving dish that we got for our wedding back downstairs and dropped it! Sad day...

 Trying to get a good picture to send to Aunt Paige on her birthday. Grant thought he was hilarious, holding the sign crooked. 

 My best friend from growing up has been serving a mission out here in Ohio since last year, but she has never been even close to us at all. Well, just by total chance we saw her when we went to the Kirtland visitors center over Christmas with my parents. She was able to take us on a tour and it was SO fun to get to see her. We figured that was probably the only time we would see each other before she went home, BUT just a few months later she was transferred into the building that we go to! I get to see her pretty much every Sunday now. It's so fun and almost weird and surreal at the same time. 

I was able to take her and her companion out to lunch in March

Sister Frampton and Sister Larson

"Sister Larson" and me-ignore my stil-not-sleeping-through-the night-dead-tired-look (:

Cuddling with mom

wearing some new-to-us Batman jammies


Grant has recently figured out how to push his chair over to the freezer to reach the ice cream cones... It's trouble!


This boy is a Thompson at heart. He has been sucking his thumb literally since the moment he was born. He LOVES his thumb

his awesome new-to-us cars slippers!