Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One Year Later and More in Love Than Ever

On December 28th Cameron and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone and how much we have been able to do and see. Some of the highlights include:

January: Moving to Rexburg(well Cam moving,I was already here) and starting a new semester at BYU-Idaho.

February: Taking a weekend trip to Las Vegas with Nicole and Tyler to see Grandma Carole. We also got to see Blue Man Group while we were there...SO cool!

March: Trucking along in school(nothing too exciting that month)

April: Finishing winter semester

May: Cameron found out he got accepted to the Nursing program

June: Went to Island Park for the weekend with Jon and Michelle.

July: Went to Provo to visit family for the weekend

August: Huge cross country road trip with Nicole and Tyler. Saw places like New York, DC, Boston, Nauvoo, and much more.

September: BYU v. UCLA (aka the most fun football game ever!)

October: Cameron's 26th Birthday

November: Hillary's 21st Birthday. Thanksgiving in Spokane.

December: End of another semester, Christmas, celebrating our wonderful marriage together.

Since our anniversary was on a Sunday this year we decided to celebrate the day before. We went downtown and saw a movie and then went out to dinner. After dinner we walked around Riverfront Park and drank hot chocolate. It has been a great year and we are excited for many more to come.

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas this year. It was actually our first Christmas together as a married couple since we got married just three days after Christmas last year. We got to be home(in Spokane) for about two weeks which was really nice and gave us lots of time to hang out with family. Here are a few of the pictures that really sum up our vacation.

These first few are to show(and no pictures could really do it justice)how Spokane was COMPLETELY covered with snow. A couple times on our journey home we weren't sure if we were actually going to be able to make it all the way to Spokane, but we did just fine.

We stayed at my house this break and this is my whole immediate family on Christmas morning.

Older brother Cole(22)

Younger sisters Brooke(14) and Paige(17)

Cameron, Grandma and Dad eating dinner some night while we were there

These are pretty out of order...oh well. This is us opening our stockings on Christmas morning.

Lining up on the stairs ready to come see what Santa brought us

Another meal

We played a lot of Wii while we were home. This is us skiing.

Yes, Cameron IS that intense

Christmas day part 2. After we were done opening presents and eating a delicious breakfast at my house, we went over to Cameron's family's house to do it again(I love having another family (:

Scott got to shovel the driveway A LOT this Christmas and this just happened to be his styling outfit on Christmas morning when he was shoveling.

These last two are actually from Christmas Eve, but I had to throw them in here. It has become a tradition with Cameron's family in Spokane to have banana splits on Christmas Eve. This is Cameron's mom, aunt and grandma serving them up.

Playing games...Scott,Brett,Kyle, and Stefani

Overall we had an absolutely wonderful Christmas time and it was so nice to be home and have a break from school. We loved being with our families and also were TOTALLY spoiled by both families. We were sad to leave, but at least next Christmas we will be home for good!