Monday, March 18, 2013

February and March So Far

Cody turned 3 months old on March 14th. I will probably say this every month, but I can't believe he is that old already. The time has flown much fast than it did with Grant. He is growing like crazy and getting much more smiley and alert everyday. He is still a very calm baby compared to Grant and has already had his share of getting bumped into or a football to the head from his older brother. He is wearing anywhere from 3-9mo clothes. Obviously the 9mo are a tad big, but im determined to get the most use out of the clothes we have from Grant, especially while they are the right season. I'm not sure how long that will last since the boys were born in completely opposite times of the year. Hopefully we can make it work so we don't have to buy much or any new clothes. It's super nice because Grant NEVER spit up, so all his clothes look SO nice and literally brand new. 
Alright, now that I have given a little update on Cody, I will move on to the picture overload. I find myself snapping pictures with my phone or my nice new Camera that Cameron got me for Christmas quite often these days. Some of these pictures are just cute, random ones that don't really have a story, so i'll just leave you to look at those without a caption this time. The rest have some story or significance, so i'll explain those... enjoy!

Cameron took Grant on their first official father/son outing. Cameron has been gone at school a lot this month, so he decided to take Grant out for some one-on-one time. I love that Cameron wants to take the time out of his busy schedule to do these things. He sees how important it is and how much Grant loves it, so he makes it a priority. I've got a keeper!

Getting ready to leave

They went to a mall and Cameron sent me this picture with a text saying "this is what Grant wants for dinner..."

Drove a fancy car

The highlight of the night was seeing a movie. They totally lucked out and found out that this theater shows kids movies every so often and was doing a showing of Peter Pan! Grant loved it and was mesmerized the whole time. They got candy and popcorn to top it off. 

They played at the little play area at the mall. Apparently it was huge and Grant didn't want to leave. 

After they played they finished off the night with some burgers from Five Guys

An awesome cupcake we got at church that looked like a hamburger and fries! 

modeling the jersey that Mimi and Papa sent him home from their trip to Africa, where they visited Grandma and Grandpa Green on their mission. 

Grant likes to talk to Cameron as he is driving home from the hospital. This night, he put my phone in one of Cameron's hats and was talking to him in the hat. 

He found a halloween costume that someone gave us. Unfortunately it will have to wait for Cody because it is already tight on Grant. 

A few weeks ago we decided we needed to do something fun as a family, but we didn't want to spend much money and really Grant just loves to play, so we had the idea to head to the church with a bunch of sports balls and just play and run around. After a while, I left and grabbed us some dinner and we had a little picnic. It was so much fun and Grant had a BLAST. We will definitely be doing it again. 

Grant said he wanted to "say a talk"

we all did LOTS of races

How Cody spent most of the time

While we were running around, we noticed that it looked like the primary room hadn't been vacuumed in quite a while, so Grant helped Cameron do that. 

Wearing my nursing cover

 Grant got a special letter in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa Green. He was so excited to get mail and there was even 3 $1 bills inside for us each to buy a milky way candy bar!

Grant needed to have a revision of his circumcision, so he got to experience surgery. He was very excited about it as you can see... Cameron couldn't miss school that day and was really sad he couldn't figure out a way to be there for the surgery, but really after taking him in, it was just a bunch of waiting. Cameron rushed over to the hospital as soon as he was done with class and helped us all head home. Grant requested pizza and breadsticks for lunch, so the boys stopped and picked up Little Caesars on their way home. 

Woody even got to come and get a name tag

just waiting to go back and showing me his cool socks

before waking up from the anesthesia 

waking up

at home the next day recovering. It was a ROUGH few days, but he is completely fine now. 

Grant loves to help sweep and clean

I'm not sure where our boys get this, but it looks like both of them such on their tongues. Pretty funny. 

We made play dough 

I picked up Grant his very own broom and dustpan

This kids is DETERMINED to suck his thumb. He tries and tries and tries. He does get it sometimes, but his poor little face is getting scratched to pieces because he just claws away, especially at night. 

we always have to stop to check out the "mobsters" at the grocery store

fake sleeping, WAY past his bedtime

such a good brother who always runs to help Cody when he starts to cry

I bought a pair of kid headphones for our trip home in two weeks. I had Grant try them on and he immediately said "come in mission control!" It was hilarious.

Playing football outside with mom on a warmER day

 I will talk more about this in the next post, but Grant has been DESTROYING his room lately. This was after I had put most everything back in its place.

These pictures were taken the morning of March 14th, when Cody turned 3 months. Such a cute boy. Love that he is getting chubby. 

 The day he turned 3 months, he also came down with a cold. This was after trying to help him feel better with a bath. Poor guy was miserable. 
 I caught Grant sitting on the floor with the container of... SPINACH and eating some. IT doesn't happen too often, but occasionally he likes to eat it plain. 

Today he was SOOO tired and just fell over in the cart at Costco. I could NOT wake him up for anything. I must have had ten people make different comments about how cute he was and they couldn't believe he was asleep like that. 

Grant got stuck in the bar at the end of our bed. When he was trying to get out, he kept saying "my bum bum won't fit"- I have that problem too hunny (:

I am working on a whole separate post to update about Grant. He has been one hilarious and CRAZY boy lately. I am working on remembering and compiling all the funny things that he says. Stay tuned!