Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Holy Cow... We Have a Six-Week Old!!!

I don't know how this happened, but one morning we woke up and Grant was six weeks old, two inches longer and two and a half pounds bigger. It has gone by SO fast! I keep telling Cameron that I don't like him growing up so fast and Cameron just laughs. I feel like he will be off to college before we know it. Anyway, since I haven't posted any newer pictures since his birth I thought I would do a quick update while Cameron is off from work today. Here is the past six week in pictures:
(I added them all in opposite order on accident and don't have time to change them around so to look at the pictures in chronological order start at the bottom of the post and work your way up!)

Back at home and talking away. He opens his mouth and makes squeaky noises like he is trying to talk back to you when you talk to him. He is also smiling a ton now, but we have yet to get a good picture of it since he stops smiling and looks at the camera every time we try to get one.
Grant with Great Grandma Margaret
The grandpas on blessing day

Our family
Posing with his cute blessing outfit, bow tie,vest and everything!

I came home from the store to find both of them sound asleep and both SNORING!!! It was hilarious.

Ready for some BYU football
This is Grants most favorite place to sleep. He LOVES Cameron's shoulder and will sleep there for hours. Now if we can just get him to like his crib that much (: He will also just hang out on his shoulder for long periods of time like he is in this picture.
Meeting Great Grandma and Grandpa Skelton
Meeting Great Grandma Dagnon
Meeting Krista, Kris and Evelyn
Close up of his cute little face

Hanging out and getting ready for Cole's reception. Getting all bundled up for the night outside.
Meeting Grandpa Eric for the first time
Meeting Great Grandpa and Grandma Green
Meeting Grandpa Clint for the first time
Meeting aunt Brooke
Hanging out in the bouncy seat
After the long flight both of us were tired
Just relaxed
When Grant was 4 weeks old we got to fly home to Spokane for ten days. While we were there Grant met tons of family and friends and we were all loving being home. We also got to go to Cole's reception/open house and bless Grant while we were there. Here he is on the flight to Spokane.
How he was pretty much the entire flight. He was a great traveler for his first time on an airplane!(notice how his hands are propped behind his head like he is just kickin' back)
Meeting aunt Nicole! We were so excited to get to have Tyler, Nicole, and Katelyn stay with us for a few days when Grant was 3 weeks old.
Just after his first day at church. All ready with his tie on and everything.
When this boy is relaxed, he is REALLY relaxed
First walk in the stroller
Ready to go!