Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Vacation Part 3: Miscellaneous Fun

Here is a hodge-podge of pictures from all of the other fun things we did in the 6 weeks we were in Spokane. 


Celebrated Cory's birthday!

Played at some awesome splash parks

Worked in the yard

Celebrated mine and Cameron's 5th wedding anniversary.
One of the highlights of the trip for me was when Cameron totally surprised me and planned an overnight date at the Coeur D' Alene Resort for our 5th anniversary. Our real anniversary is December 28th, but he was thinking ahead about how we would have a newborn and it would just be crazy, so we celebrated in July! We borrowed his Grandpa's Mini Cooper (which was the same car we drove on our very first date!). We went and saw the Avengers in the theater and then we drove to Coeur D' Alene where we grabbed some Cafe Rio and headed to our hotel room. It was an AWESOME night and everything was a total surprise to me. We had a great view from our room and were just able to relax and sleep in!

me relaxing as we ate our food

the view from our balcony

ahhh, so nice!

We even splurged and ordered room service for breakfast! 

view out one of the windows

the room

Grant loved getting up early and picking LOTS of raspberries with Mimi. 

We did lots of this too...

I think one of the highlights for Cameron was going on a "man-cation" with his two best friends. He, Jon and Kory all met up in Yellowstone for several days and camped out for I think four nights. They did tons of hiking and just had some great "Bud" time. 

I love that they stopped and took a picture in front of "Grant Village"!

Old Faithful

More helping daddy with yardwork

played lots of baseball(and every other kind of ball) with Papa

building the wall

I love these pictures of Grant helping Cameron. He always wants to be right by his side.

Played with friends

Mowed the lawn with Grandpa

Went on a boat ride to Couer D' Alene

you can't tell in this picture, but it was POURING down rain and we were running inside. We were all pretty soaked by the time we got there, but the delicious Dockside desserts were well worth it!

you can tell by the chocolate all over Grant's face that he enjoyed it

the sunset on the ride back

under the boat cover, keeping dry

We got to visit Grandma Margaret a lot too, which we loved. She loved seeing Grant and if we ever went without Grant, I think she was a little disappointed (: All the other residents loved to see him too when Grandma would parade Grant up and down the halls to show him off to her friends. 

eating a snack and chatting with Great Grandma

LOVE these pictures!

Mimi bought Grant a new Elmo "pack pack" for the upcoming camping trip. Grant didn't take it off for days

trying on some of Uncle Scottie's beanies to make sure the kids would stay warm at night while camping

cousin love

At the Pioneer day celebration, Grant got to go on his first solo horse ride. I'm pretty sure he liked it.

look how old he looks!

Katelyn was just ahead of him in line

 one more yard work picture with dad. Everyone says how Grant is Cameron's mini-me and I don't know how you can think anything different after looking at this picture!

there was lots of working out going on and Grant had to join in. He actually wasn't half bad!

very flexible

Just a few days before we headed back to Ohio, we all went out to Post Falls and had a picnic dinner before taking the boat out for one last ride. 

The kids chased the birds throwing leftover fries at them

They then played in the water for a while

Grant became quite the water baby while we were there. He loved it.

out on Papa's boat. Grant loved jumping off the boat into the water

so happy

getting a ride on dad's back