Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yes, we are alive...barely.

Well, it has been almost two months since I have updated about our lives, so I am going to do one post to catch up on all the happenings since school started. Most pressing (and the reason that I haven't updated) is the fact that both Cameron and I have been sick for a ridiculously long time. We luckily didn't have the flu, but just really bad colds that dragged on FOREVER. It seemed like we were just passing it back and forth which was pretty frustrating.

Here is a non-exaggerated picture of our kitchen counter for the past month or so. We figured in the last month we have spent roughly over $200.00 just in cold medicines and juice alone. I am fairly sure that we have kept the people at Tree Top Apple Juice in business for the last little while with how much of their product we have been consuming as well. By the way, we have just as much medicine as right here in our upstairs times.

The next notable occurrence at our house is how "domesticated" I have become lately. For Christmas last year, Cameron's parents got me a bread maker and his mom showed me how to do a couple easy bread recipes with that. So since Christmas I have been making all of our bread, which has been fun and cheaper in the end. A couple weeks ago two of my friends and I decided that we wanted to try our hand at making some freezer jam. I had never done it before and I was expecting it to be pretty hard for some reason, but it was really easy and turned out great! Here are a few pictures from that adventure.

The chefs

My partners in crime...for many things (:


Rylee got to help out a little too

The finished product, it is delicious!

The next event in our lives was "celebrating" Cameron's birthday. I say celebrate with a little hesitation, because it did not exactly turn out as well as we might have hoped. Here is how I envisioned the day, First of all, I had great plans to wake up early on his birthday and make him a big, nice breakfast with eggs, bacon, and pancakes, then have a fun drive down to Provo for the weekend, get a mini-vacation with the hotel that his parents put us up in for the game, relax and enjoy the great game and watch BYU destroy TCU. In reality it went like this... the night before both of us go to bed horribly sick and hacking our lungs out. By about 2am I can't take it anymore and make Cameron go sleep on the couch for the rest of the night(he snores normally, but with him being sick it was out of control and with me being the lightest sleeper EVER, it was not a good combo...This is the first time in this story that I win wife of the year, making my husband go sleep on the couch on the eve of his birthday. But it gets better. I wake up too late to make his beloved pancakes(second time I win the award), but I figured, oh that's fine I will just make the egss,bacon and some toast, that is still a great birthday breakfast. Well, I started making everything and halfway through cooking the bacon, the fire alarm started going off and I could NOT get it to turn off. It was still pretty early in the morning, and I was afraid I was waking up all of my neighbors, so I ran around forever trying to get it to go off and by the time I got back to get the bacon out it was a total loss. Normally I would say burnt bacon could be salvaged, but this was beyond any kind of saving. SO... we were down to eggs and toast at this point, which is what he got, but I believe I am at a total of 3 wife of the year awards at this point. Cameron went to class and I picked him up later that day to start the drive to Provo. I grabbed us some Taco Bell thinking it would be quick to just eat on our way and I know Cameron likes it. We get driving and there are tomatoes on EVERYTHING of Cameron's. I, recieving wife award #4 completely forgot to ask for no tomatoes on Cameron's things and this made it unedible for him. I then sat there trying to make up for my "life and death" mistake and picked out every single one of those stupid tomatoes. Ok, so I think this was the end of my mistakes for the weekend, but it continued to go not as hoped the rest of the time. Luckily when we got to Provo Kory was So nice and let us eat at Pizza Pie Cafe, which was delicious and really hit the spot. After leaving there we headed back to the hotel, where we sat downing every kind of cold medicine until the next day when we went to the BYU game. Everyone knows how that went... BAD. It was a miserable game and miserable cold, rainy weather. We decided to save what was left of our voices and stopped cheering after the frist quarter. After the game we decided to drown our sorrows in food and heaaded to Tucano's. It was my first time going and was actually pretty cool. It was good food and lightened our moods, which was a good thing. We went back to the hotel, went straight to bed and got up and headed home the next morning. Overall, it was a good trip and nice to see family and hang out, just not quite as we had been imagining. As for Cameron's birthday, I think all in all it was ok. I totally suprised him with an I-pod touch. He had NO idea and was completely suprised by it.

Before the game at Pizza Pie Cafe...obviously it was before the game, they are smiling

Cameron with his new i-pod, which hardly left his hand the whole weekend(and ever since)

After the game...cold,wet, and angry
Sean full from Tucanos, but managing to fit in one last piece