Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Festivities

We actually carved pumpkins this year. It was fun, especially when we realized that we had not done it once in the past 5 years that Cameron and I have been together. We thought Grant would love the gooey insides of the pumpkins, but he really didn't want much to do with any of it. He ended up running around the house like a wild man until Cameron and I had finished ours. On Halloween, we went Trick-or-Treating in Bay Village with the Coils. It was lots of fun, especially seeing how much fun their kids were having since they actually knew what was going on. Grant was Dumbo this year and had an ADORABLE costume. Everyone LOVED him and one couple even stopped us and asked if they could take a picture with him. They said they were from Germany and they don't have Halloween there and wanted to show all their friends how cute Grant was. It was funny. I can just imagine a picture of Grant being passed around in Germany to people who don't even know him and laughing and saying how cute he is. We only actually took Grant up to a few doors since he didn't know any better and we didn't want the candy around our house. It was a fun night and I can't wait until Grant knows what is going on and is really excited about the night.

Grant likes standing on our step stool to help us cook.

The before pictures

Grant not wanting to help scoop out the insides

scooping out Grant's pumpkin

I love this picture. This was after Grant made it clear that he did not want to touch the gooey stuff, but he definitely wanted to stay in charge of the whole process. Here he was directing Cameron on exactly how to make his pumpkin.
scooping out my pumpkin

haha, this one catches me off guard every time. Cameron and I were hard at work on our pumpkins and Grant was running around the house moving random toys around(you can see a measuring cup and a caterpillar next to him). Anyway, I heard a rip of velcro and when I turned around Grant had his diaper(we had just put it on him a few minutes before, so it was very clean), in his hands and was running at full speed doing some sort of Indian chant. It was hilarious, so Cameron grabbed the camera and got these pictures of the episode.

Sorry, some full frontal nudity... He must have been getting a little shy and was trying to cover his face.

Grant helping me carve

The whole family with our finished pumpkins

An owl on a tree branch(mine), a frowny face(Grant's) and a spider in a spider web(Cameron's)
This was Halloween night. We borrowed the wagon from the Coils and as soon as we put Grant in it, he laid back and was totally relaxed and kicked back the rest of the night.

It was SOO cute and we had a billion people stop and say how adorable and funny it was. He would just stick his hand up in the air when people would pass, kinda saying "what's up?"

cute close up

just chillin and checking everything out

cutest Dumbo ever!

Love this shot...

Grant looking not-so-happy to be in his costume