Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mimi and Papa Come to Visit

On April 4th Cameron's parents flew into Cleveland for a visit. They were only able to stay a few days, but it was SO fun. We loved having them and showing them more around Cleveland. Grant absolutely loved every second of having them here and was very sad when they had to leave. They spoiled him a lot and even brought him some books and a new Elmo stuffed animal which he now sleeps with at night.

Here is the rundown of the trip...

"Grant kept calling Crystal "Mim" instead of Grammy so we went with that. There was lots of reading time!

Lots of playing time

Here Grant is opening his Easter present from Grandma and Grandpa Skelton. He loves to play catch now. He will just look at you and say "CATCH!" without any preparation and chuck the ball right at you. He has a really good arm too. 

The boys making breakfast

We went to the zoo one day and Grant insisted on wearing two hats, one of which wasn't even his!

At the zoo. It ended up being a really nice sunny day and we saw lots of animals. Thanks again for taking us!

I had to take a picture of this... you can't really tell, but the snake guy was telling us how the snakes are harmless and you just have to know how to handle them, BUT he was missing three fingers!!! haha

Lunch break

He had to hug each one of the poles at the entrance

the monkey loved Grant. It was pretty much ignoring everyone, but totally came up and looked right at Grant and they even put their hands together on the glass. Kinda cool 

More playing

Easter Dinner

We went to the park

We saw Lake Erie. It was really sunny, so not great pictures of anyone

Grant hates the sun, so this was the best one of us. I like how you can see downtown Cleveland in the background though. 

We toured Cameron's hospital and even got to go to the floor he works on. Everyone raved about him and said how much they like working with him... not a surprise!

Had dinner in Little Italy

It was so fun to have them here over Easter too. Here is Grant finding his basket before church. It just had two different bouncy balls and some peeps. He LOVED the balls. 

church outfit

Mimi and Papa gave him a children's scripture reader. It is awesome. 
After church we did a little egg hunt. It was fun seeing Grant slowly understand what he was supposed to do, then he got really into it!

Everyone clapping for Grant's successful egg hunting

this was just after taking Mimi and Papa to the airport. He was definitely tired out by all the fun we had!
We had SO much fun and can't wait till they get to come back!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Rachel's Wedding

Back in January I drove from Spokane to Billings, MT for one of my best friends weddings. Cameron and Grant stayed in Spokane while I went. It was a super quick trip, and a long drive alone(drove all day Friday, did wedding stuff all day Saturday, drove back all day Sunday), but it was WELL worth it. It was so fun to see my friends from college and get to spend time with them since we all live so far apart(Utah, California, Ohio, and Alabama).

At the hotel the night before the wedding. So much fun getting to hang out like we were roommates again!
SO happy!

The things I do when i'm back with my crazy friends...
The beautiful couple! It was really cold taking pictures and Rachel was a trooper the whole time! Adrian was the photographer so I got to walk around being her assistant. It was a lot of fun.
The bride and her brothers

Love her

oh boy...
can't seem to keep a straight face

SOOO much fun! I love that we all stay in touch and hopefully we will get to keep seeing each other semi-regularly!