Thursday, November 15, 2012

August, September, October and November so far

Ok, here is a quick wrap up of what we've been up to this fall. The pictures somewhat out of order for some reason, but I don't have time to fix them(trying to get ready for a baby around here!). 

right when we got back from Spokane, I had my 20 week ultrasound. Everything looked great and we were able to hold out and not find out the gender!

we took Grant to Chic Fil' A on his official birthday. He got to hug the cow and everything!

It was even family night there, so the kids got free ice cream sundaes!

Cameron leaving for his first day of Graduate School! woohoo! Only 2.5 years to go! yes, I did make him pose for this.

Just a cute one of Grant all ready for church

We were able to go to the Lakewood High School football season opener. It was fun, but Grant lost interest after a half hour or so, so we walked home

Grant loves Elmo and on this particular day he insisted that he be buckled up too

we've played outside a lot. This day, Dad helped him get into the spirit of the BYU football game that was coming up in a few hours

I love this picture. Cameron recently got called as the ward organist and Grant usually insists on taking his shoes off just like dad and sitting on the bench by him while he plays the "organanan" haha

Cameron turned the big 3-0 on October 23rd! I surprised him with a private sailboat tour on Lake Erie. It was fun and the old man sailor was pretty funny. Now Cameron thinks we need to invest in a sailboat

Even though it was on October 8th, it was a very sunny and nice day

On Cameron's actual birthday we went out to a brazilian restaurant downtown. It was really good food and fun.

Cameron has introduced Grant to glow sticks in the tub. He loves this.

 playing at the park after dad got done with school one day

organizing the basement and having fun

our for a walk. Big cheesy smile!

I apparently don't have a final after picture, but we turned half of the storage room in the basement into an office for Cameron to do school work. 

Just being silly after his bath

I introduced Grant to "special drinks" and popcorn at Target and now he is obsessed.

we took turns cutting each other's hair

lots of reading bedtime stories. This is Cameron and Grant's one-on-one time(bath,books and/or puzzles  before bed).

Grant insists on wearing his "hat" if it even looks a tiny bit cloudy

I had to include a picture of this since it has become the 3rd "person" in our bed. I was having bad hip pain pretty early on in my pregnancy and I read great reviews about this pregnancy pillow and decided to try it out. It definitely lives up to the hype and has helped me sleep much better. Although now I am to the point in the pregnancy where nothing will help until I get the baby out!

Grant helping to make omelets one Saturday morning

We signed Grant up for a toddler tumbling class and he absolutely LOVES it. In fact, it is a 5 week class, but we have now re signed him up for it THREE times! He is not always the best listener and has a short attention span, so if the kids are waiting in line to do something, he will often wonder off and do one of the other stations until it's his turn. 

 balance beam

arms up!

In the middle of September I had a little scare with some fairly bad shortness of breath and tightness in my chest. I told Cameron about it one night, but I just figured it was the baby by my lungs or something(although I knew the baby was much lower than that). The next morning it was much worse and I ended up throwing up a few times because I just couldn't catch my breath. So weird. So I kept thinking it was nothing and I tried to just relax, but later in the afternoon I called my dr and she said to go to the ER immediately. I knew they wouldn't find anything, but everyone kept saying "better safe than sorry", so I went. Cameron was still at school, but rushed out when I told him I was going. A friend drove Grant and I to the hospital and stayed until Cameron came. Once we knew it was going to be a while, we called another friend to take Grant. Cameron left a few hours later to put Grant to bed while the friend stayed at the house with him until we got home around 11:30pm. They did a bunch of tests and the best they could come up with was that it was bad heartburn or I pulled some muscles in my chest from carrying Grant.... uh yeah, definitely not heartburn, but I'm glad it ended up being nothing serious. 

This was actually the next day. Grant had a cold and I still wasn't feeling great, so we lounged around and watched movies. Love Elmo all tucked in in this picture. 

I can't remember what movie Grant was watching here, but he thought it was HILARIOUS!

Grant is always such a big helper and loves to help me around the house

He got his arm stuck while trying to throw the dirt from the dustpan away

more bedtime quality time with dad after a long day at school(for Cameron that is)

being silly in the tub

this is the only belly picture I have taken the whole pregnancy. I might have to do one more before I have the baby, but this one is at 27 weeks. 

helping make pizza

SO proud of the puzzle he put together!

Grant found one of Cameron's stethoscopes and said "I listen to the baby"

this was after getting out of the bath one night. I kept telling Cameron to put a diaper on Grant and sure enough, a few minutes later, Grant said "I go potty on daddy!!!" haha, it was SO funny(for me)

Marissa and I decided to take Grant and Henry to the Westside Market for the morning. The boys enjoyed looking around and exploring, but by far, their favorite part was when we went outside and let them splash for like an hour in some nasty water/mud puddles. 

they were in heaven!

They were SOAKED! look at Grant's pants! So worth throwing some clothes in the washer to let them have such a fun day!

Grant and Truman at the park

Grant loves his red umbrella

cool guy

 playing with playdough

outside fun

Grant and Cameron were outside one day while I was inside cleaning. Grant came running in and said "these for you mommy, I love you!" SOO cute!

At Costco

Grant loves to eat all the ears off of his Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets first before any other part. Then he goes back and eats the rest.

He is OBSESSED with these "car carts" and is severely disappointed if there isn't one available when we go to the store.

In October we went to a farm/fall festival place. A friend had told us about it and we decided to go. It was AWESOME! Grant was in kid heaven. Everything was perfect for his age and we all had a blast. We stopped at their shop on the way out and got doughnuts and apple cider. It was a perfect fall day!

LOVE this one!

I asked Grant to go get me some toilet paper and this is what he brought back...

then Cameron thought he would be funny and put it in his shirt "to look like mommy"

Grant was a pirate for Halloween this year. He loved it and would say "arrrr" all the time

Ready for the ward Trunk or Treat

playing games at the Trunk or Treat

There was a huge hurricane on the east coast just before Halloween and even though we aren't on the coast, there was still tons of damage here and people lost power for up to a week! We were lucky and our power only flickered off and on all night. 

Here is Grant ready with his flashlight in case the power didn't come back on. 

They had to cancel trick or treating since it was kinda dangerous outside and so many people still didn't have power, so I tried to do a few fun crafts with Grant while we were stuck at home. Here he is making a cotton ball ghost

they moved trick or treating to the next Sunday(November 4th). Since Grant didn't really know what he had missed out on and we didn't want to go out in the freezing cold, I just bought some candy and had Grant pass it out. I think he was just as happy to do that as GET the candy. We also have some awesome and super nice kids in our neighborhood. Several different times, they offered Grant some of THEIR candy when they saw he wasn't going trick or treating. It was SO nice. 

Here's Grant just after some little boy gave him some of his candy

Here is Grant at the polling station at the elementary school. It was my first time actually going in to vote, since up until now I have just done the absentee ballots.

Grant enjoying a treat that I got the idea for off the internet. It is literally frozen yogurt. You stick a spoon in the top of a kids size yogurt and freeze it. Then pop it out and eat it like a popsicle. Grant has been loving these and I love that I know it's something healthy. 

I saw this idea online and Grant loved it too. It is shaving cream with food coloring.

Grant is especially obsessed with Thomas the Train...can you tell??

Grant planking in the tub