Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cameron's Birthday, Trunk or Treat, House, Grant and the best night of my life!

Well I started this post about two weeks ago. I spent three of Grant's nap times(believe me these are precious times) working on it and getting everything written out just perfectly. I had it TOTALLY ready to go, hit publish, and every single thing was deleted. I guess I had forgotten to sign back in each time I worked on it so nothing was being saved automatically like it usually is. So after two weeks of being mad at my blog I decided to suck it up and start over with the same post. But because I am still a little bitter, I am not going to write the detailed amazing post that I had before. So here is the short and sweet version of what we have been up to.

Cameron's birthday was on October 23rd. The night before when Cameron was putting Grant to bed he said "ok buddy if you really love me you will sleep in on my birthday". Well Grant gave Cameron his first official birthday present by sleeping TEN straight hours that night. He had been sleeping long stretches before this, but had always woken up just once in the middle to eat during the night. That was his first time sleeping straight through and it was AMAZING. Since that night he has started sleeping 9-11 hours straight through much more often than he gets up to eat. Here is a picture of him sleeping in his crib to commemorate this glorious event in history. (sorry it's blurry, the light was off and I didn't want to use the flash) oh and mostly just for me to remember, he was 10 weeks old at the time and slept in his crib and not wrapped.(oh, this is what I referred to in the title as the best night of my truly was the best night EVER(I know, a little pathetic, but i'm sure all you moms out there know how this feels).

The next morning Grant helped daddy make banana pancakes for breakfast. They were yummy.

Here is Grant squishing the bananas

"look mom, I'm making breakfast!"

After breakfast Grant took a nap while Cameron opened some presents. Grant still likes to prop his chin up on hi hands... has done this since birth

Then we all watched the BYU football game. Grant was especially excited about this part of the day.

The next week was our ward's trunk or treat. We could only find ONE costume that was anywhere near Grant's size. Luckily it was this adorable little football. Cameron and I both approved. At the last minute we decided we would dress up as well, so Cameron put on his BYU jersey and went as the football player and I threw on my BYU sweatshirt and wrote BYU! on my face with blue maker and we ran out the door. We ended up winning the award for the best family theme costume (:
The player and his football
the swarm of kids getting their candy
Our cute little football

The football and his number one fan(haha, cheesy, I know)
Here are some pictures of our new place. We have since put up more pictures and finished off our bedroom(which there is no pic of here), but I haven't had time to take update pictures yet so here is basically the gist of what it looks like, just with a few more things on the walls.

The bathroom(obviously)

the living room

living room
dining room(looking from the living room)
dining room(looking from the kitchen)


Grant's room

I will add pictures of our bedroom and maybe a video of the whole house sometime in the near-ish future

I went to the store and came home to this

It actually happens quite often since Grant still loves to be held and will fall asleep in our arms and Cameron likes to take that opportunity to get in a nap himself (:

For the longest time we were not able to get Grant to take naps at all unless someone was holding him the whole time(at first he wouldn't even sleep at night unless we were holding him), but we have finally found somewhere he will take decent naps without us holding him. He has the coziest little swing and for about the past month or so we we have been able to lay him down in there for a nap and he will stay asleep long enough for him to be rested and for me to get some things done(YAY for the swing!)
Just had to throw in some random pictures of Grant.

Here he is praying peacefully at church a few Sundays ago

Several weeks ago we started putting him in his bumbo. He likes it ok, but gets bored unless someone is sitting with him and talking to him. He loves to be talked to all the time. Most of the time any problem can be magically fixed if we just start talking to him. And lately he has really started talking back(not in a bad way, but like he wants to contribute to the conversation) (:

Now that he is sleeping so well at night he is much more rested and wakes up very happy in the mornings. He has a good ten minutes of smiling and laughing before he realizes he hasn't eaten in ten or so hours and he's starving

Here is a video of me getting him up. I had been in earlier and turned on his mobile so I could get an extra few minutes to get ready before he woke up. He will normally chill for a while once he is awake and just talk to himself, but I think I was taking an unusually long time getting ready so I turned on the mobile.