Thursday, April 22, 2010

More pictures

Ok, here are two re-do shots for all of the people who demanded to see my face. These aren't great pictures and I had just gotten out of the shower, so my hair is up and wet and I have no makeup on, but these are all you are getting for a while... so enjoy (:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

What We've been up to

We haven't really been up to a whole lot... Cameron has been working all nights lately and I started a part-time job as a dentist office assistant, basically I assist the hygienist and take x-rays and whatever else needs to be done around the office . I really like where I work and it makes the weeks go by so much faster. Since Cameron works 12 hour shifts at night he needs to come home and sleep during the day. That isn't so bad on the days that I am at work, but on the days that i'm home I do have a hard time not going and waking him up every ten minutes or so. I told him it is just practice for having a newborn (: So, since I work during the day and Cameron works at night we don't see each other too often except for the fun days(or nights) that we both have off AND that Cameron isn't sleeping, which come around every so often.

Lately we have found ourselves so tired during the times we both have off that we haven't done a whole lot. We have just been enjoying catching up on some of our favorite shows and hanging out together. Here are a couple pictures I took during one of these wonderful and relaxing nights together.

I made my grandma's potato soup. Cameron likes his in a bread bowl. It was the perfect thing for this cold and rainy evening.
For dessert while we were watching the shows, we had Oreos dipped in milk. It was delicious.
Here is Cameron pulling up one of our favs... House.

A big thing that we have been told about a lot since we moved out here are the kids resale events. They are huge and happen at different high schools like every six months. We had missed a couple, but decided to try to make it to this last one. We had NO idea what to expect or what we were even looking for, but it turned out pretty good. We ended up getting 8 new outfits for REALLY cheap. They all are almost brand new and look way nice. Here is a sample of what we got. We had a good time and I was glad we went, but I think next time we will have to have more of a game plan for what we are looking for. We just kinda wondered around in all the chaos, it was crazy.

These are all the outfits we bought.
This was probably what I was most excited about. It is an ADORABLE little suit with a vest and tie and everything. It looks brand new and when we took it up to the lady to buy it she said "I bought this for my son for my sisters wedding and he literally wore it for less than 2 hours. I paid over $80.00 for it at JC Penny's." I am so excited to put him in this for church.

Cameron said we needed some Cleveland apparel for him, so we saw this cute little Indians outfit and had to get it. I think it was $2.00.

Ok, here it is....
I have had MANY MANY request for a belly shot, so this is me finally caving in. I am just a couple days shy of 25 weeks in this picture.