Monday, December 31, 2012

Papa and Mimi come for Christmas!

Saturday, the 22nd, Cameron's parents flew in from Spokane as well. It worked out perfectly that our parents would overlap for one afternoon/evening, so that we could do the blessing. We blessed Cody at our house and it was great. It was nice just having a small group of family there. Cameron did an awesome job and Cody looked ADORABLE in his little tux. It is the same one that Grant wore and I love it. 

Just a little big on him (:

Mimi reading to Grant just before the blessing

After the blessing, we all went out to Texas Roadhouse. It was delicious as always and fun to spend time with both sets of parents together. 

Here are Grant and Grandpa playing an arcade game while we waited

It was LATE by the time we got home that evening, but we wanted to take one more picture with Grandma and Grandpa since they would be leaving before we all woke up the next morning. Grant looks mad, but he was just really tired. It was sad to say goodbye, but it made it a little easier that we had Papa and Mimi to fill in as soon as they left. 

The rest of the pictures are semi-out of order, but I REALLY don't want to go through and fix them, plus I have a limited time before Cody's next feeding, so I'm not going to. 

Cameron TOTALLY surprised me with a super nice new camera for Christmas. I had NO idea and the best part was that he got a really good deal on it! So don't think that I favored one set of grandparents by taking LOTS more pictures... I was just excited to try out my new camera!

Random Cody pictures

Took lots of pictures on Christmas! Grant was SO into it. I thought he still might not quite get it this year, but he really did and LOVED it. He was in heaven. 

SO excited!

Grant throwing a snowball at Mimi

We like this picture because it looks like there is a monkey laying in the snow (:

Papa and Cody

Cameron's parents also rented the Yukon and we were able to spend a whole day out and about. We first stopped at the house from A Christmas Story. We ended up not going in because it was super expensive and there was a long line as you can see in this picture. 

if you look close in this picture, you can see the famous leg lamp in the window

After the house, we went to the Cleveland Aquarium. It was lots of fun and I think Grant really enjoyed it. 

He even got to touch some rays


Grant was quite protective of his big present


Grant was the official present passer-outer. He would crawl all the way under the tree to grab the furthest back ones

showing us yet another new puzzle!

Mimi opening their "grandparents" book- a collection of pictures of all the grandkids from throughout the year. We do a new book each Christmas. 

Grant opening his big present from Papa and Mimi. He was SO excited. 

This next series of pictures is hilarious to me. You can see the excitement as he steps back to look at his basketball "hoot".
haha-love the hands up in the air

This one, he looks like he's saying "success!" or something. 

Anxious to start putting it together. Papa and Dad weren't moving fast enough for him

Trying it out!

He's got a good shot

After Christmas dinner, Grant had fun wrapping and being wrapped up by Papa and Mimi

love this one

Cody's first bath!

It doesn't look like it, but he was actually pretty relaxed most of the time

Grant was very interested

Mom scrubbing away

Holding hands

The next day(we never got around to it before Christmas, but figured Grant wouldn't care or know the difference) we put together a gingerbread house. Everyone had fun doing it. 

Mimi got a little out of control and started painting frosting on Grant! He thought it was pretty funny (:

 getting ready to play in the snow with Papa and daddy


loves his new pirate ship-Thanks Coils!

My new camera!

showing us his new Toy Story light that goes with his bed tent

This was the night before Papa and Mimi had to leave. We went out to Malley's for dessert!

Grant got his very own ice cream sundae!


wrestling with Papa and Mimi before bed!

Out of the blue, Grant said "I want Mimi hold me like a baby"... so that's what she did!

On Christmas morning we were able to skype with Grandma and Grandpa Green from Africa! They sent us awesome gift from there too. Grant LOVES his little stackable "guys". While we were skyping he probably took it apart and put it back together 15 times. 

playing in the tent

We were SO SO sad to have Papa and Mimi go home. Grant asked for them for days and days after they left. They were so helpful with everything around the house and Grant LOVED playing with them. It made the transition SO much easier and got us off to a great start as a family of four! We were all a little emotional after they left, and are now counting down the days until we get to fly to Spokane this summer!