Friday, October 24, 2008

Pell,Elda,Elle May,Pelda........Brooke!

It is my youngest sisters' birthday and I just wanted to wish her a very happy birthday! I dug up some adorable pictures of her growing up and thought everyone would like to see how the cuteness definitely runs in the family (: Happy 14th Birthday Brooke!

I was six when Brooke was born and I used to think that I was her mother(not literally her mother, I just thought that I was away better mom to Brooke than my mom was), like I would say things to my mom like "I can't believe you are letting her crawl right there, she is going to get hurt" or "that toy has pointed edges she is going to fall and stab herself" etc etc. Also, the title to this post are all nick names that I have had for her over the years. Don't ask me what they mean (cuz I have no idea).

Cameron's Brithday!!!

Yesterday was Cameron's birthday and we really didn't do anything too exciting. He had class from 7:45 in the morning till 9:30 last night, so we tried to be creative and basically just hung out when we both weren't in class.

Since neither of us were going to actually be home much on his birthday I made him this cake the night before. I forgot to get one of the little tips for the frosting so it didn't come out very well, but that's ok it was still good. There was actually a kid in one of my classes that had the same exact birthday as Cameron and was even turning 26 also, so when we woke up for class the morning of Cam's birthday I just cut out a big chunk of Cameron's cake and stole the "26" off of it and took it to class to give to the other kid. He was very excited so I was happy I did it(although I'm not sure Cameron was so happy that half his cake was going to some random guy).

I got up in the middle of the night and decorated our living room so it would be a little more exciting when he woke up.

Cameron with his festive living room. I made him that BYU football blanket that is laying on the couch next to him. He was surprised that I was able to order the fabric, make it, and keep it a secret until his birthday.

Since Cameron didn't get done with class until late, we decided to just grab a pizza(but not just any old pizza), we had to go to Craigos and it was really good (as usual). We brought it home and I was getting way into the whole birthday thing, so I got out the "wine" glasses that we got for our wedding and we poured our pop into them and drank out of those. Excuse my sweats and gym shirt. I had just got back from a cycling class when Cameron got home.

I think it was a fun day overall even though we still had work and classes. We will be home in Spokane for my birthday next month so we will be lucky enough to do things with our families for that. Oh yeah... Cameron got lots of cards and notes and packages so thanks to everyone who gave him one of those to make it a little more exciting.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is actually the first time I have been tagged, so i'm excited (but I hope my answers are not too boring for anyone)Here goes...

5 Things I was doing ten years ago...
1.Well, I was only ten so I pretty much can't remember anything significant but I'll try
2.Playing soccer and our team was amazing!
3.attending Mr. Olsen's fourth grade class
4.Styling hot (and huge might I add) glasses
5.having sweet B-day parties at roller valley with my friends

5 Things on my "to do" list today...
1.Go to work
2.Do homework
3.make dinner
4.Go to the gym a friend

5 Snacks I enjoy...
3.granola bars
4.almond joys
5.kit kats

5 Things I'd do if I were a millionaire... for all school a house
3.make a good food storage
4.keep the rest for savings- i know that's boring, but oh well

5 Places I've lived...
1.Spokane, WA
That's all!

5 Jobs i've had...
1.Call Realty Inc.
3.Spokane Valley Sports Club
4.RA at an apartment complex
5.Elegance in White

5 people I tag...
2.Jessica Robinson
4.anyone else who would like to do it!