Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day at the Hospital

Monday I ran out of my nausea medicine, but I thought I was feeling so much better that I would not fill it again and that I must be well over the morning sickness by now...(I am over 20 weeks along). Obviously I was very VERY wrong. I took my last pill of the medicine on Sunday and thought I would be good to go and not have to take it anymore. I felt ok Monday till about noon. I started feeling pretty nauseous, but thought I just needed to eat a little more than I had or something. I took a nap and waited for Cameron to get home from work. By the time he got home at about 8:30 I was NOT feeling good at all. I had him stop on his way home and get some Ginger Ale and Sprite because I wasn't even able to keep water down at the time. He brought those and I tried to take little sips of that, but as soon as I did that I was running to the bathroom and could not even keep down like 1 tablespoon of liquid at all. I went to bed feeling miserable, but figured I could get the meds early in the morning and be ok. The night was horrible, and I was throwing up AT LEAST once every hour all night long. Luckily Cameron had Tuesday off, so he was doing everything he could think of to help, but there wasn't much anyone could do. We called around to get my prescription filled, but were told everywhere that it would be 24 hours to fill since it was an out of state prescription. i then tried to call my doctor and see if she could just call in another one, but the nurse said she wouldn't be in until 3pm and then they could do it. I thought I could make it ok till three and then just get the medicine asap. I took a bath, took a nap, paced around the house and was STILL throwing up every hour or more. So by this point I had not eaten or drank anything for more than 24 hours and I was feeling HORRIBLE. I was just about to call my doctor again to rush it when I started throwing up blood. I called and told the nurse this new development and she said she would talk to my doctor and call me right back. She called back really soon and said to go straight to the Emergency Room. I wasn't too excited about it, but I was ready to do anything to help by then. Cameron took me to the ER and we were sent to the High Risk Labor and Delivery area since I was only 20 weeks. They were really nice and said I was super dehydrated. They immediately put me on an IV of fluids and also put anti-nausea meds in the IV. I slowly started feeling a little better as I got the fluids and the medicine. They kept a contraction monitor on me, but never saw any contractions, which is a good thing. They listened to his heartbeat and that was fine too. They did some blood work and kept checking vitals and stuff until things started to look better. We were there a total of 8 long hours and got home around 11pm. I felt better by the time we left, but was super tired. We stopped and got more medicine on the way home and went straight to bed once we got there. i slept straight through the night and slept in the next morning. I felt SO much better when I woke up though. It was such a big difference. I was able to eat some plain toast and drink a glass of Ginger Ale. I feel lots better today other than having a super raw and sore throat and tongue. I told Cameron I am NEVER stopping taking my nausea medicine again.

Here is one picture we took on my phone while we were in the hospital. It is just of my arm all hooked up to the IV's and stuff. I'm surprised I don't have a bruise yet because I was so dehydrated that the nurse had to try like four times to get the IV in.

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's a... BOY!!!

We had the 20-week ultrasound today. It was fun to see the baby for the first time and to find out that we are really having a boy-(I have thought it was a boy for a while now). Here are a few of the pictures that we got:

This is a not-so-good picture of his face. It is looking straight on.

Self explanatory

Rubbing his eye. Every time we tried to get a good look at his face he would put his hands over his face and hide.

Profile shot

Profile shot of his whole body. Notice he is still covering his face with his hands.
Cameron and I both agreed that it made it so much more real to see the pictures and see him moving around and kicking and stuff. We are very excited to meet our little boy.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pregnancy, Moving, and New Job

Well, it has been almost two months since my last update and lots has happened since then. I am now almost 5 months pregnant and have the big ultrasound next week. I am feeling a little better now, but these first four-ish months have been pretty miserable. I have been pretty sick all day long and can only keep certain things down. It is starting to get a little better now, but still not great. Meat has been the worst. I have never been a big meat-eater, but now I can't even look at chicken or anything. Things that I use to love sound good minus the meat in them. For example, I love mexican food so things like chicken enchiladas or tacos sound good, without the chicken or taco meat, which doesn't leave much of a meal for Cameron. I am hoping there will be some bigger improvement very soon.

Onto the next topic, we moved out to Cleveland almost three weeks ago. Cameron and I were supposed to both drive out in our car because we did Pods and all of our stuff was already in storage here. We just needed to get the rest of our stuff and our car here. Well, a few days before we were supposed to leave I still was not doing good and the worst part was that I got SUPER car sick in the car after like 5 minutes. So, Cameron's parents were nice enough to take pity on me and let me use a plane ticket that they needed to use somewhat soon anyway. We then asked Cameron's youngest brother Scott to give up his long weekend off school to drive across the country for almost 40 hours. He was a trooper and agreed and I am VERY appreciative. So, Cameron and Scott set off to make the long trek and I got to stay in Spokane for an extra few days before I flew out. The weather was horrible for the drive and all the roads were way icey. The boys nearly froze and it was so windy plus the bad roads that they said the car would just slide all over the road. Oh, the car didn't have snow tires because we got a new car and it was super nice in Spokane, so we just never got any.

Here are pictures of what the conditions were like.
(I think the three means day three of the trip, and they are both obviously cold)
The boys did get a chance to do some fun things along the way. They stopped at the College Football Hall of Fame.
Celebrating with the guys
Waiting to get in the game
They also stopped at Notre Dame. I'm pretty sure it was Cameron's dream stop.

The next fun stop was Mt. Rushmore
Boys will be boys. Once they got to Cleveland they opted out of staying another night in a hotel and decided to stay in our EMPTY house. They took the random things out of the car and made a fort to hang out in for the night. They rented a movie and watched it on the laptop(in their fort). They both said it was really uncomfortable, but fun.

Here are some pictures of our new home. It is a way cute three bedroom home in a nice neighborhood that I think we will really like.
Here is the kitchen right as you walk in from the side door.
The other side of the kitchen
The living room
Living room
The front room
Front room
Dining room off of the kitchen
Front room
Master bedroom
The basement, where we have our washer/dryer and treadmill.
Well, that's the update on our house and the pregnancy for now. Cameron started his job on Monday and seems to like the people so far. He has mostly been doing only orientation stuff so far, but will start on the floor on Friday, so we will see how it really is then. I am just hanging out at home and trying to keep myself somewhat busy to keep from going completely insane. I'm not going to get a job since nobody will want to hire me for four months. We also only have one car now, so I am trapped at home. If anyone has any great ideas on how to keep sane here at home, let me know.