Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Trip to Paris!

Last weekend Cameron and I were very spontaneous when we decided on Friday to book a room at a hotel in Idaho Falls for Saturday night to Sunday. We had been completely stressed out and that week was particularly insane, so if we wanted any chance of making it to the end of the semester, we needed to get away. We heard about this awesome place called Destinations Inn, where each room is themed as a different place around the world. All the rooms looked nice online, but we were afraid it wouldn't be quite as nice when we saw them in person, and we were so wrong. We absolutely loved our stay there and would recommend it to anyone trying to relax. We stayed in the Paris room which we loved, but we also got to see several of the other rooms that were available.

This is Cameron standing on the draw-bridge in the entryway of the England room. Very cool.

This was pretty cool. We couldn't figure out where the bathroom was in this room(England), but then we found this awesome secret door behind the bookshelf that leads to the bathroom. Very sneaky.

Here's Cameron sitting on the edge of the tub in the Athens room. This room was a close second when choosing which room we wanted to stay in(except now that we have seen all the rooms we want to stay a night in all of them).

Me with my new friend in the Hawaii room. This one was really fun too. Tons of details and little things that made you feel like you were there. Even the floor was made to look like sand.

This room came with a massage table, pretty cool. And Cameron loved all the little water features it had.

This picture is pretty dark, but it is of a big reader board thing in the New York room. There is a mock-up of time square and they will make a personalized light up billboard with your name on it. The song New York, New York was playing over the speakers as we came in.

The rest of these pictures are of the Paris room we stayed in. It was absolutely perfect!

This is the view from our bed. It was up a few stairs on a raised balcony type thing. So this is overlooking the rest of the room. The rooms were huge.

I think this was one of our favorite parts of the room. Each room had this huge projector tv that you just pressed a button and it lowered down from the ceiling. They had a bunch of DVD's for you there, so we watched a movie and some of the Gonzaga basketball game.

This is the "Eiffel Tower Shower" in our room. It is this huge sculpture thing of the Eiffel Tower, but then it has a huge shower head at the top so you can actually use it.

I loved this hotel for all its little extra perks that we kept finding throughout the night. This was great. When we got to the room, they had a chilled bottle of sparkling cider and two pieces of cheesecake waiting for us. It was delicious!

I loved this part too(ok, so we loved all of it). This was our own personal Paris cafe in the corner of the room. We ate our Olive Garden dinner with sparkling cider in the wine glasses they provided for us right here.

Another great perk was the breakfast. At check-in you just tell them what time you want your breakfast and they will bring it to your door at the requested time. They just leave everything on the tray right outside your door so you never even have to see anyone in the morning, awesome. Here was our breakfast platter:

We had a great time here and it was exactly what we needed to re-energize ourselves for the last couple weeks of school.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Winter Semester 2009

Yes, it has really been almost three months since our last post. I have been thinking of something to do to update, but we are in the midst of both of our craziest and busiest semesters before we graduate and therefore we have done nothing but the following since the 1st of January and it will continue this way until April 10th, which is the last day of the semester AND the day we get to hop on a plane to spend the weekend in sunny Las Vegas! I can't wait till that day...

Hillary's life:
I am trying to graduate early(the same semester as Cameron will) SO this semester I decided it would be a great idea to take 21 credits and do my internship at the place I already am working. I spend about 6 or so hours a day in this building:

When I am not in classes, I have a great job that I work at about 27 hours a week, including every Saturday since I moved to Rexburg...wahoo Anyway, here is my peaceful work setting:

Cameron's Life:
Cameron was offered a job as a lab assistant in the Nursing Department and accepted that at the beginning of this semester so he currently has TWO jobs on campus along with working super hard in the hardest semester of the nursing program here. Here is a sample of his first job which is in the school's Health Center where he is a phlebotomist in the lab. He thought it would be dumb to have someone take a picture of him working so this is just an example of what he does and is not actually him:

Here is a sample picture of his second job in the Nursing lab. I was excited to find this picture because this is pretty much exactly how the lab is with the dummies to practice on and everything

I couldn't find a good picture of the building that Cameron spends all of his time, but because it is also the building where the testing center is, he is there MANY hours a day.

On Saturdays Cameron has his clinicals for the nursing program where he works 12-hour shifts at the hospital. Here is Madison Memorial Hospital, where he goes in before the sun comes up and leaves after the sun has gone down. We joke about how he never even knows if it is raining or snowing or is a beautiful sunny day since he is inside the whole day.

You may have noticed that I discussed our lives separately and that is for good reason. After long days of work and school(including every Saturday), we don't get to see each other very often and when we do, this is what we see:

Needless to say we are a little tuckered out by the time we get home and we usually end up just watching an episode of Monk and going to bed.