Saturday, November 30, 2013


A fun filled month of November!

We got to drive out and meet Papa and Mimi (Cameron's parents) at the Notre Dame vs BYU football game. It was literally FREEZING! Coldest I have ever been in my life, but still SO much fun! 


Cody with Mimi

Sara was awesome and watched both our boys along with her younger two at the hotel so they could stay nice and warm! 

Cameron and I totally bundled up at the game. Believe me, it was WAY colder than it looks!

Out to breakfast the next day

Even though we lost the game, it was still a great trip and an awesome experience to be at a game in the famous Nortre Dame stadium.

We had an awesome Thanksgiving at the Stelter's house. It was lots of great food and company!

The kids table

Sara was so nice and made me my own birthday cake for my birthday the next day. They even sang to me!

the boys and I on the morning of my birthday

Grant fell asleep waiting at the dr's office

My new running shoes that Cameron got me for my birthday!

Cameron was SOOO nice and even though he had to work the evening of my birthday, he totally surprised me by arranging for a babysitter and talked to some of my friends and planned a little girls night for us! It was so thoughtful and made for a great end to my birthday. Here I am ready to head out for the evening

We got great family pictures taken, that I love!