Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What happens when you have a husband who is too nice...

Monday was Cameron and my first official day off from school for the semester. Cameron usually doesn't work when there is no school since he works at the school health center and there are no patients over the breaks. I however am still working for another week until we leave to go home for Christmas. So here is the story of how our Monday off school went: We found out we needed new brakes in our car and needed to do it before we leave this weekend, so we decided that we might as well do it on Monday. I had to be at work at ten, but I thought that we should just both go to take the car in and then walk down to my work since it was only like one block from the car shop. So we took the car in and they told us it would be about three hours and I was excited because that meant that Cameron would have to stay for that long to keep me company. So while the car was getting worked on, we were in my office browsing the internet, talking, and just passing the time. The car place called at about one to say that the car was done. The ORIGINAL plan was to have Cameron walk back and pick it up and go home for the day to read his book he had been excited about finishing over the break. Well... I BEGGED him to come back after he got the car and to stay with me for the rest of the day(I get off at 6:00pm). SO, being the amazingly nice and accommodating husband that he is, he said "sure, do you want me to get us some lunch while I am out too?" So Cameron went and got the car and grabbed some delicious Bajio for us and came back. Well, to make a long story... shorter, he tried as hard as he could to keep me company and still try to get a little reading done as well. Anyway, this is how the last two hours of the day were spent for Cameron:

I can't get the picture to turn the right way and it is from my phone, so not the best picture, but it is of Cameron sleeping on the ground in the storage room at my work. He grabbed both our coats to use for pillows and I found a little blanket to cover him up with, and he was fast asleep for the rest of the work day. So basically this whole post is to thank him for putting up with me and my crazy requests (like coming to a FULL day of work with me just to "keep me company")
Thanks Cam, I love you!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving and Birthday Festivities

This year we were able to spend Thanksgiving with Cameron's family(and a little with mine since they only live two minutes apart),but we stayed at Lovinger's house and did the main dinner stuff with them. We had so much fun getting to see the Russons, and Dunaways who came to Spokane for the holiday and of course we were way excited to see Sean for the first time since he had been home from his mission.

We played lots of games,including the traditional dodge ball game(video at end of post)

We ate at the church since there were so many people. They had it all set up beautifully with Thanksgiving balloons and everything.

It was decided that the turkey carving responsibility should be passed down to Cameron this year so I had to get a picture of this momentous occasion.

It is also a tradition to make these turkeys to go at each place setting and since neither Nicole or Stefani were there to make them this year, Cameron and I had big shoes to fill by doing them ourselves, but I think they turned out great!

I can't believe this is the only picture I got of Cameron and Sean, but it is a good one(well at least the story was good). Ok, so it's not that good of a story I guess you just had to be there, but they were putting up this new light for their dad in his office and pretty much everything that could go wrong did. I wasn't really a part of it since I was just watching and laughing and occasionally handing them things they needed, but it was quite funny and we laughed A LOT in the process. I am happy to report that the light did get put up successfully.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was my 21st birthday and it was lots of fun to get to celebrate with family for the first time since I have been out of high school. I had left to do some homework at my parent's house and when I came back this is what I found on the kitchen table.

Cameron made me this awesome edible bouquet. For anyone that does not know, I LOVE LOVE fruit, so this was the perfect gift for me.

Cameron also got me part of this nativity set that I had been looking at down at school and his parents got me the rest of it. I was so excited because I really like this particular one and we don't have ANY Christmas decorations so it was like a two-in-one present. Sean and Scott also got me a bag of my favorite snacks which was way fun to bring back home with us. Also, my family got me some much wanted makeup and a cookbook that I had told my mom about a long time ago, two pairs of new jeans,a new disney movie and some notepads.To end the night both our families went out to my favorite restaurant and it was delicious. I definitely made out like a bandit. Thanks everyone, it was a great birthday!!!

And last, but not least....Thanksgiving day dodge ball!