Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crawling and 5k

I'll start out with the more exciting news.... my 5k! Ok, just kidding I definitely have to start out with a big milestone for Grant. This past week he officially became a crawler!!! He had been showing signs of WANTING to crawl for a while, but just kept flopping over onto his stomach and just couldn't seem to keep up on his knees. Well, something clicked this past week and he put it all together. (He's 9 months old-just for my own info). There is a video at the bottom of literally the first time he crawled. Let me know if it doesn't work because it was having problems. I have to put these pictures in too because this is how he has been crawling the past few days. He got to frustrated with our hardwood floors making him slip if he was wearing pants, so he found a pretty creative solution(I think). All of his socks have some kid of grip on the bottom so he sticks one of his legs out to the side to put his foot down as a grip so he wont slide and then he pushes himself with that leg. He gets around quite quickly with that technique too.

Here are a couple pictures of him doing the leg-out crawl.

He still crawls the normal hands and knees way sometimes, but seems to like this way just as much and is probably faster this way.

In other news... This past weekend I ran my first official 5k race. It was a Relay for Life race and I did it with three of my friends. I had been planning on doing it for a few months, but then had a hip injury where the dr. told me that I could not run AT ALL for at least 6 weeks(and of course this was the six weeks right before the race!) I had to go to physical therapy for those six weeks, but it started feeling better after about 4 or 5 weeks, so I ditched the physical therapy(even though I think that is what helped it get better) and decided I was ready to run again. The physical therapist said that was ok, but to not run more than about 4 or 5 minutes at a time and then stop and walk for a minute and do intervals like that for no longer than 20 minutes at a time. I was getting super frustrated and bored doing that for a few days so I self diagnosed my injury as HEALED! (: This was just the week before the race so I really didn't have much prep time and wasn't planning on doing it anymore, but my friends talked me into it and said if we needed to walk a little that was fine. Well, I am happy to say that not only did I not walk at all, but I actually finished in a decent time.

Shay and I getting lined up before the race. It was so nice to run with her. We just both zoned out with our music, but it helped to keep a good pace and push each other.

Coming up to the finish

And crossing the finish line

Jill,me,Shay and Amy

I look ridiculous, but this was Shay and I celebrating after the race

I had an awesome cheer section that I totally forgot to get a picture of (Cameron and Grant). Grant cheered so hard that he totally zonked out on the ride home. I guess cheering is tough on a little guy.

I had to throw these pictures in here too. Mostly just to freak out my mom who would have had a heart attack if she had been here. Grant has been eating A TON and just loves trying new foods, especially anything that we are eating. We want him to try lots of different foods, so here is one of those new foods for him. Cameron gave him some blackberries and this is how it turned out...

He LOVED them

But managed to make a HUGE mess in the process

His skin was stained purple for a few hours even though we took him straight to take a bath after this.

Here is Grant enjoying chicken nuggets for the first time... I can't believe how well he eats. His dr said he can have anything(besides raw fish and stuff like that) because he is doing so well. He is already eating us out of house and home!!!

Here he is on the way to the 5k chowing down on a string cheese

And I just thew this last one in cuz it's cute

Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Days and Our Sick Boy

I am officially calling this past Friday/Saturday the first real days of summer. It was SOOO nice outside. Cameron had Friday off so we went on a walk (with our new LL Bean baby backpack-30 bucks off Craigslist, used twice, nice!) We walked down to a park near our house and pushed Grant in the swings for a while. This was his first experience with swings and he seems kinda underwhelmed... maybe next time. We cut the walk somewhat short because I was melting( I am a wuss when it comes to heat...I am NOT going to survive this summer!)

Cameron had Saturday off too, so we started the day off by going on a bike ride. We borrowed Jake and Jill's bike trailer to make sure Grant would stay in it and be content if we bought our own. We were planning to ride to the grocery store and get just a couple things and head back(just about 3 miles total), but we got about three BLOCKS away and realized that Grant had fallen asleep in the trailer. Once we saw that, we decided we should just head back and get him in his own bed for his nap. It was still a fun ride and I think we can consider falling asleep a sign that he likes it. Here are a couple pictures from that...

Later that day we set out to build a garden with the Barnes. We had been talking about it for a while and finally got around to going and getting all the materials and building the raised garden bed. After buying all the wood, dirt, veggies etc, we came home to get to work(and again, when I say "we" I mean Cameron-and Jake in this case). The boys built a very nice raised bed and filled it with dirt and fertilizer and then the final touch was to add the actual vegetables and herbs that we wanted to grow. I think it turned out great and we are all so excited to have very fresh salsa this summer. It was a fun and REALLY nice day outside. After the garden was done, we fired up the grill and had a very summery dinner together.

The boys after building the box, and getting ready to add the dirt

Callie loves Grant and was being his little mom here and wiping his nose

Jenna and Cameron were buddies. Jenna was the official water-er and was right there whenever Cameron needed the plants watered.

Grant enjoyed being outside and playing in the dirt and grass

"look mom, grass!"

love this little series of pictures...


finished product

Grant has been sick with a cold for a couple weeks now, but just as we thought he was getting better he developed a horrible cough. Cameron had the same cough so we weren't too worried since Cameron's was gone in a few days. We took Grant in for his nine month well check up last week and we mentioned his cough. He only coughed one little cough while we were there(isn't that always how it is...), but we told her it gets worse at night. She listened to his lung and said everything sounds fine, but to let her know if it got worse. We weren't worried at that point and still thought it would go away soon. Over the next several days, Cameron worked a bunch of nights in a row, so I was the only one who heard how bad his cough was getting at night. One night I was holding him while he just coughed and coughed until he would choke and gasp for air. It was really scary and I debated taking him to the ER. It stayed pretty bad, but then it was the weekend so I couldn't just take him to the normal Dr. office. I knew he could still breath so I was holding off till Monday to take him in. I called the second they opened today and asked if they could get him in and they said "can you be here in 15 minutes?" I jumped in the car and got there before 9. The dr(who I LOVE) saw him right away and I explained everything that had changed since last time she saw him(including a wheezing noise and high pitch whistle noise when he tried to breath. She said she was really glad I brought him in and said he sounded much worse than the week before. She sent us immediately to the hospital to get chest X-rays to make sure it wasn't pneumonia. She also wanted to start him right away on a nebulizer machine to open his longs more. She called in an antibiotic as well to try to kill whatever virus was doing this to him. She said her official diagnosis is bronchialitis. It is basically like RSV she said and hopefully with the breathing treatments and the antibiotics it will be gone soon. We have an appointment to follow up on Friday and I hope things are looking much better then. She said to listen carefully while he sleeps because that's when it's the worst(which I already knew since the last several nights have been so bad). She said that it can take a turn for the worse in a matter of hours and that she might still have to admit him to the hospital for a night or two if this stuff doesn't help. Anyway, hopefully I will be posting soon saying he is totally back to normal and we don't have to do anymore breathing treatments.... BECAUSE this is how much he LOVES them (;

Starts off ok
wants it OFF
not happy that dad is holding it on

REALLY not liking this

The SADDEST picture ever! Poor guy finally gave up and just whimpered the rest of the time ):

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Surprise Trip Home and Other Random Updates

I don't know when I became such a bad blogger, but I am going to be more on top of it from now on so when we print this out to keep as a family record I actually have something to look at! (: The background for this trip goes all the way back to sometime in February when I got a text from my brother Cole, saying that he wants to be sure and see Grant before he gets too big. Since I knew that the next time that we would be seeing them wasn't until Christmas I immediately began planning and scheming to see what we could pull off to see them before then... And just because we could, I thought "why not make it a surprise for everyone?" SO I thought that the best way to go about it in order to see everyone that we wanted to, would be to fly directly into Utah, spend a few days there and go to Spokane for the rest of the time. Then fly from there back to Cleveland. We would fly into Utah to be there for my brother's graduation from BYU and then the plan was to ride back with my parents (who were driving from Spokane and back). So I was moving plans forward and bought plane tickets and secretly talked to my mom about how long they were staying, what hotel they were staying at and to make sure they would have enough room for us in the car for the ride home. Nobody knew except my cousin Stephanie who was picking us up from the airport and my sister Paige who was helping secretly coordinate things with my parents. We kept everything a secret the whole two months leading up to the trip(even telling my parents that we might go to Chicago for Cameron's week off- I wanted to go the extra mile to make sure they didn't suspect anything (: ) Everything was looking good until 4 days before we were to fly to Salt Lake. My mom called me earlier in the week and said that she felt horrible and really nauseous. She kept feeling like that everyday and I kept telling her that she really needed to go to the doctor so she could be sure and go to Cole's graduation-little did she know that I had my own reasons for wanting to make sure she went. Finally on Friday she decided to go into the doctor and it ended up that she had three kidney stones and would need to do surgery immediately. When she called and told me that she would be getting that done Saturday morning and that she would really try to make it to the graduation, but would just have to see how it went, I got a little nervous, but I knew there was no way that she was going to miss Cole's graduation. So we kept getting things ready to go and flew out Tuesday morning. When we got there we got to go to Cole and Erin's house and surprise them first. That was fun and it was good to see them and get to hang out. That night we got to surprise a bunch of our cousins who were meeting for a cousin dinner at In N' Out. It was so good to see everyone and even though Grant was really shy it was good to introduce him to everyone too.

While we were in Utah we went out to eat with Cole and Erin, my parents, Erin's parents,Jordan and Amy, and Stephanie. It was a lot of fun. Here are Grant and Erin. Again, he was very shy and unsure of all the new people so he looks pretty stoic and even sad in some pictures...

Grant and Cole

Cousins and spouses and soon-to-be baby McCoy!

Jordan loved Grant and Grant must have liked him (even thought you can't tell in this pic) because he was the only one he would let hold him without freaking out.

Celebrating his graduation with everyone at Texas Roadhouse

Steph and I
Erin and Cole on graduation day
Cole and Jordan and their friends from Spokane who all graduated

Cole and Erin at In N' Out
Cousins and spouses(and Grant)

At In N' Out

We got to see Scott and Sean while we were in Utah too

Even though the surprise didn't go quite as we had planned, it was still great and my parents were TOTALLY shocked to see us. We had planned on being in their hotel room and recording the whole surprise, but our timing was off and they walked in the front door of the hotel while I was getting their room key at the front desk. Still a good surprise.

Hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa the night of the surprise. Grandma was on the phone calling all her friends to tell them about us coming.

We got to go swimming at the hotel which was fun. Here are Cole and Erin at the pool

Cute picture of Cole and Grant in the pool
We also had a chance to meet up with Cameron's best "bud" Kory while we were there. It was good to see Melanie, Jayden and Jeric too!
After being in Utah for four days, we loaded up in the car on Saturday to head for Spokane with my parents. Grant was SUCH a trooper on the 12 hour drive. It was probably even longer than that since we stopped in Rexburg for a bit to see my sister Paige.

Grant in the car on the way to Spokane

Grant and Aunt Paige in Rexburg

Standing in front of the same sign where we took our graduation announcement pictures -only this time we have added Grant to the picture (:
When we were deciding where to go to lunch in Rexburg I immediately knew I HAD to go to the taco bus(not the actual name, but that's what we call it). I got addicted to their AMAZING chicken tacos during our last two semesters there(thanks Kristen!) and had been wanting them SO bad(I think that was my only legitimate craving while pregnant)

Me and my tacos (:

When we got to Spokane, we were able to meet up with Cameron's other best "bud" and hang out for a little while with our families. Here is Jon holding Grant and Cameron holding Sadie. Sadie and Grant are just 2 1/2 months apart
Aunt Brooke played a lot with Grant... and in this picture i'm not sure who is having more fun with the baby toys!
Uncle Scott and Grant
Grant really liked his uncles. Here is Grant and Sean. I love this picture of them!

Playing the piano with Grammy
Getting read to by Grandpa Clint at Great Grandma Margaret's house
And saying goodbye to Grandma Kim the night before we had to fly back to Cleveland.

He was so tuckered out from all the festivities of the day, that he fell asleep right on Cameron's shoulders!

Grandpa reading to Grant

Grammy and Grant- he loved the book they bought for him!

Great Grandma Dagnon drove up to see us in Spokane. It was really good to see her.

Great Grandma Margaret. I took a cute video of them together and Grant snuggles right up to her.

Cameron and his brothers

The tradition continues... Great Grandpa Green is known for balancing kids on their feet. He tried with Grant at Christmas, but it didn't quite work. It was a little better this time, but I love how Grant is looking at us a little nervously.

Easter Sunday
Easter dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Green's.

Grant did great on the way home and slept most of the time on both flights.

These are from a while before the trip, but I just had to document how he is already getting into everything and he isn't even crawling yet! oh boy...

He's also started to pull himself up on his crib

Just a cute one from after church this past Sunday.

This was my mother's day loot. Cameron had to work the night before so he felt bad he couldn't do breakfast in bed or anything on my first official Mother's day, but he definitely made up for it by getting me a bouquet of flowers AND some delicious fruit! It was awesome. This is what was waiting for me on the table after Grant and I got back from church.

This is a bad, blurry picture, but if you really look you can see that Grant now has two teeth on the bottom. It was a rough couple of days(and nights), but he is feeling much better now. I will take a better picture soon since you really can't even tell in this picture and they weren't even all the way in yet in this one either.

I love this picture. Even though it's dark and blurry. Cameron took this picture when he came home one morning after he had been at work all night and Grant had had an especially rough night with his teeth. He has NEVER slept in our bed, and I don't think he would ever do it under normal circumstances(he would never lay down, he would just think it was a big party and be more awake, plus I could never sleep with him by me anyway), but this night he really didn't feel good and would sleep as long as I would stand by his crib so he could see me at ALL time. It was kinda cute. He would fall asleep finally, and then wake up every so often to look for me and make sure I was still there, and when he saw I was there he would fall back asleep. BUT since I was getting NO sleep standing next to his crib, I decided to TRY bringing into bed with me. At first he had no idea what was going on, but then he just laid down on me and slept for a good two hours till the morning. It was nice to at least get those couple hours in with no luck the rest of the night.
Grant had his 9 month doctors visit yesterday and everything was great. No shots this time, which was nice. Here are his stats:
weight- 23 lbs 7 oz (84th percentile)
height- 28.75 in (51st percentile)
All the ladies at the front desk know Grant by name and the second we walk in the door until we leave they are trying to get him to smile and laugh. I don't know what it is about the dr. office, but he can be in the best mood and laughing and smiling all day and as soon as we walk through those doors he is Mr. Serious. His dr. was so excited because she said she got 3 smiles out of him during this visit. We told them we would bring in pictures to prove that he really is happy and smiley MOST of the time.