Thursday, February 14, 2013

2013 So Far and 2 Months Old

I can't believe how fast the past 2 months have gone since we have become a family of four. It has been so fun and even crazier around here. I am really trying enjoy every sleepless night(as much as humanly possible) and every new little smile and all the other awesome new things that come with having a newborn. With Grant I was WAY too tired and overwhelmed to really enjoy it and this time it has been so much fun. I just wish we lived closer to family so they could enjoy Cody too. He has recently started smiling like crazy and is a very happy baby overall. He loves his dad(I know, shocking right?) and will give him the biggest grins. He has started to hit his little toys and pull on the toys to make the songs play. I keep telling Cameron that it seems like he is doing everything so young, but I think I just forget how old he is and when they do all these things. It is fun to be more aware of all these little milestones 

 Grant has been an awesome big brother. I was nervous that he would be jealous or not understand who Cody was, but he really has loved him ever since bringing him home from the hospital. He is a huge help too. He runs to get a diaper or whatever I need and is so happy to do it. He really doesn't like when Cody cries and will run to find us saying "MOM! Cody's crying, get his binky!" or "hurry! help him!" Then he will usually go and rock him if he's in his little bouncy seat. It is very cute. Also, he is already very protective of Cody. Cameron was changing Cody's diaper the other day and Cody started to cry. Grant ran in and said "Dad! Don't hurt my brother!!!" I need to write down some of the other funny things that Grant has said or done lately. I always think I will just remember them, but I have recently discovered I have a horrible memory(let's just say it is worse than my friend who recently had brain surgery-that's bad right? (: Anyway, here are a few recent things I can remember from Grant:
As we were sitting at dinner the other night, Cameron said "Grant, you need to eat the rest of your chicken. Grant sat there for a second and then looked up at Cameron and said "are you kidding me?!". We all started laughing. Then, last week, Grant SPIT on the floor for no reason and I very sternly said "Grant, we DO NOT spit on the floor. Go get a wipe and clean it up RIGHT NOW". Without skipping a beat, Grant jumped to his feet, SALUTED me, said "YES SIR!!!" and ran off to clean it up. I had to leave the room because I was about to explode with laughter. I know i'm forgetting a million other little funny things, but those were the couple I could remember off the top of my head. I am going to try harder to get them written down on here before I forget so I can read them later on. 

Here is a hodge podge of pictures that i've taken since my last post...

It's been COLD

New Year's Eve at the Lovinger household this year...

This picture cracks me up and for some reason every time I look at it, the song "Sexy and I know it" plays in my head! (:

Grant is such a good big brother and already looking out for Cody all the time. I was in the kitchen making dinner when Cody started to cry in his chair. I waited maybe 30 second to come in and by the time I had, Grant was already there rocking him and saying "It's ok Codyman, dad will be home soon". As cute as I thought it was, I was still a little offended. He was basically saying "It's ok, we only have to suffer with mom for a few more hours..." (;

Pretending to be asleep with Woody and Elmo

After a long day at school

We had one glorious day in January that was slightly warm and we immediately headed for the park

Grant wanted to take picture on the ipad and this is what we got...


CRAZY eyes!!! lol

Easily entertained by a bag taped to his back. He was a super hero and kept flying around the house

Ready for church

crazy hat hair

We moved Grant into a big boy bed at the beginning of February. He has been so good and doesn't get out of it hardly at all. This is him helping dad move the crib into Cody's room. 

In his new bed and so excited

this picture is so funny. He just looks like a fat old man with a hangover(at least that's what I think of when i see it (: )

Grant with his "Cougar" guy

Grant has just recently learned how to do a thumbs up. He loves it and does it randomly a lot. 

One morning he got up too early, so I told him he could come sleep in dad's spot (since Cameron was already at the hospital for the day). He was so excited to lay in dad's spot, but ultimately proved to still be tired and passed out. 

flowers from my boys for NO REASON. Grant was so excited to give them to me, if you can't tell by his face. 

Not happy that I'm making him stop to take a picture before going to play in the snow

Cameron doesn't really want this picture published, but I think it's hilarious. He must think my breast pump is a microphone. He walked up, put his face up to it, and started singing the ABC's. 

about 7 inches of snow one night

He's getting so old...already shaving

Dressed in scrubs like dad

We moved Cody into his crib and out of our room right around when he turned 8 weeks old. He has done really well in there and has pretty much been doing 10-11 hours, just getting up once in the middle to eat. February 13th, the day before his two months birthday, he slept 8 straight and then ate and slept for 4 more hours. I bet he will be doing 10-11 straight pretty soon. I have felt so much better this time and SOOO much less sleep deprived and that makes all the difference in the world, as i'm sure all of you moms know.  

Grant always likes to help cook and I try to let him help with whatever he can. 


Both boys were done with taking pictures...can you tell? (:

Asleep in his new bed. Holding a sticky of course

"Talking" to "Grampa Gween" in "Afwica"! They talked baseball and basketball for quite a while...

First smile we were able to get on camera

big grin

I hated that we had lived here for a year and I had never really decorated Grant's bedroom and Cody's was an office/guest bedroom before, so it needed to be decorated too. I wanted something cute, cheap and that took minimal effort-I know, i'm an all-star mom (: I found these peel and stick decals on Amazon for a good price. I like how they turned out. Grant's is a sports theme and Cody's is transportation. 

Grant's room

 Cody's room- I'm still going to add a couple pictures of family to his walls too

Grant after he woke up from his nap... apparently he was still tired because he fell asleep like this next to me feeding Cody on the couch.

Cody and I had matching workout pants one day. You can hardly even tell where his legs end and mine begin. 

He still takes some naps in his swing 

One of Grant's favorite pastimes is to spray the cleaner and wash things. I let him go at it. 

These last two were taken on Valentine's Day, which also happened to be Cody's 2 month birthday. We will go in for his two month checkup on Tuesday and then i'll add his stats at the bottom of this post. I'm interested to see how he compares to Grant so far. 

Update: Cody's 2month stats:
weight: 12lb 13 oz(SAME EXACT as Grant)
height:23 in(Grant was 23 1/2-pretty dang close)