Monday, June 30, 2008

Star of the Show

This last Friday Cameron performed in a piano show on campus called "Grand Pianos Live". It was a little crazy trying to get something ready to play at the end of the semester and with a huge research paper due in just a few days, but he did great and the crowd loved him. I am very proud of him and jealous of his amazing piano skills.

Here he is playing on the stage, with his cool guy piano player sports coat and all.
Rockin' out
The happy couple after the show. I'm not sure what we are laughing about here, but it must have been good.
Invading my space!
Here he is with one of the posters that was up around campus promoting the show.
I've been having trouble getting my videos to upload, so once I get that working I will post one of him playing in the show.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Island Park

We had so much fun last weekend when our friends Jon and Michelle invited us up to Michelle's family cabin in Island Park. We were there for two days and they were packed with fun things that we don't get to do very often. We played horseshoes, went canoing, went four-wheeling, played with the dogs, West Yellowstone, fed the fish at Big Springs, went shooting etc. It was a fun weekend and I didn't get a picture with all four of us, but we will get one soon. I also might be adding more pictures when I get some that Michelle took.

We got to go canoing. There were lots of shallow parts though where Cameron and Jon had to get out into the freezing cold water and push us to a deeper part. Thanks guys!This was Cameron's way dirty face after him and Jon went for a joy ride on the four-wheelers.

Still way dirty in the cabin

Friends (and the same height?)

Cameron found this typo on the menu at a place we ate at in West Yellowstone. We all thought it was funny and kinda gross too. (Under the Honolulu Lulu it says it is made with "a touch of SWEAT and sour sauce"

We had a fire and made S'mores

Old Buddies

We got to go four-wheeling, it was way fun

Going up the big hill

We each had to take a picture with our ringer

Jon had good technique

Broadway Revue and Guitars Unplugged

Two weekends ago we went to Guitars Unplugged and Broadway Revue on campus. They were both really good shows and lots of fun. Our friend Jessica performed in Broadway Revue and she did great. I always love watching her sing

Just after the show at GuitarsJessica and I

A picture with the wonderful performer herself

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fun weekends

The last two weekends we have been able to do some pretty fun things. Two weekends ago we went to one concert on campus on Friday night and then another on Saturday. Then, this past weekend we got invited out to Island Park for a couple of days which was a blast. There is something wrong with either my computer or my pictures because it keeps telling me that there is an error when I try to add them. SO i just thought I would give this quick update now and I will post pictures and details of the weekends as soon as I can get the technical situation figured out.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Exciting News!

I should have posted this earlier, but we found out a week ago today that Cameron has been accepted into the Nursing program here at BYU-Idaho. We are so excited and happy about his great accomplishment(it's a very competitive program to get into). With having a Nursing degree it will make it much easier to get into PA schools or into a Nurse Anesthetist program, whichever one he decides to do. We are glad to know that we will for sure be here for the next two years and that we will be able to graduate the same semester (most likely). Anyway, I just thought I would let you all know about the great news.

American Idol??

Ok so not quite American Idol, but pretty close. Cameron and I got asked to help with the judging for a show on campus called "Acoustic Cafe". It's a pretty popular show and it's always fun to hear original pieces from people around campus. Anyway, a friend of ours is in charge of the show, so she asked us to help out by judging at the auditions. It was actually really fun even though we were there for about 6 hours. We took a few pictures of us behind our judges table to show you how official it and bottled water and everything!

Just chillin' between acts. We saw over 30 different people/groups auditions throughout the night. Jessica! (AKA the show manager and my roommate/friend)
Cameron looks a little dazed in this one for some reason
Some of the group putting on the auditions...