Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Sweet Husband

Yet another shout out to my wonderful husband. He is always making me laugh and keeping me calm when I am freaking out about things(which is pretty often). Anyway, yesterday I was having an especially stressful day trying to get my class schedule figured out for this last semester so I can still graduate. I was talking a million miles an hour and thought I was having a heart attack(this is usually when I say "my heart hurts", which is not really an exageration). I started making dinner and sent Cameron out to get a few last things for the meal. He knew how completely stressed out I was and when he came back he had brought me this:

A beautiful rose and a Coke. He knows me way too well. It was exactly what I needed to just relax and not think about my schedule for a while. A wonderful suprise! Thanks hunny!!