Friday, February 11, 2011

Super Bowl and SIX Months Old!

Grant turned six months old on February 7th. I CANNOT believe how fast these first 6 months have gone. Although I know he definitely still qualifies as a baby(and who am I kidding, I will still introduce him as my baby when he is getting married (: ) he is seeming more and more like a little boy and less like a newborn everyday. Grant is a smiler and a laugher, just like his dad(refer to previous post). When he wakes up in the morning he just talks and sings to himself for a long time until we come get him and as soon as he sees us he starts squealing and kicking his arms and legs like crazy. He really likes his jumperoo and can get bouncing pretty good. He is a VERY sensitive baby and does a huge pouty lip if people talk too loud or if he knows people are talking about him in a joking manner- like saying how chubby and cute his legs are- I know it seems like he is too young to know this, but it has happened several times. It is pretty funny, but we are working on toughening him up. (: He loves to be naked and will let you know how angry he is to have to put clothes on...hope he grows out of that before high school (; He is very clingy to mom and dad, and although he will go to other people, he is constantly scanning the room to make sure we haven't left him. We do leave him with our friends fairly often though and he enjoys that. I think he gets distracted with the girls constantly doting over him. Here are some pics from the past few weeks and some of the things Grant does at six months.

First, here are the pictures that we had taken at Christmas. We did one set with the Lovinger side and then the next week Grandma Kim took him to get some of just him.

Here are the ones of Grant, so cute and looking so grown up.

Here are the Lovinger family pics...

the adorable grandkids, Katelyn and Grant

the whole fam
Love this suit

This was a couple Sunday ago. Grant was a little sleepy and waiting patiently for his Sunday nap.

"come ON"

Grant eats a variety of food now, but some of his favorites are bananas, carrots, and peach/pear granola. He has also started taking bites of bread or rolls if we are having them for with our meal.

He loves to be read to

or to read to himself

He sits up completely on his own for LONG periods of time. We will just lay a bunch of toys out on a blanket and he will play while we get things done. It is VERY nice.

last week we had a super bowl party with Jake and Jill and their girls. It was lots of fun and we had tons of good food.

Here is Cameron trying to get Grant into the excitement...not really working, it was past his bedtime.

the food

Callie LOVES Grant and is always giving him lots of hugs and kisses

I love his expression in this picture

We decided since both Grant and Callie needed a bath before bed, we would just save time and do it together. They both had a lot of fun splashing around. Callie enjoyed putting bubbles on Grant's face and he would laugh every time she did.

Love these pics too.
HAHA! "get me outta here"

Grant's six month stats:
26 inches tall- 33rd percentile
20lbs 15oz- 88 percentile

Friday, February 4, 2011


Cameron and I were folding some laundry the other night when Cameron threw some folded socks up in the air and they hit the ceiling fan and flew across the room. Grant was a little tired and delirious anyway, but he thought it was HILARIOUS, so Cameron kept doing it and I grabbed the camera. I just LOVE how he is laughing SO hard that he falls over. Enjoy!