Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No pictures?

So, I just realized I have never done a post that didn't have any pictures in it, and since we don't have anything really picture worthy in our lives right now I will just do a quick update without pictures...

well we are a few weeks into a new semester. Cameron started the Nursing program and it is keeping him plenty busy. He is taking a few pre-med classes on top of his nursing stuff which makes him even more busy and occupied with homework. He also still works up at the health center, so needless to say it will be a long busy semester for him.

I am also in school full-time but I have managed to schedule all my classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I can work all day on Monday,Wednesday,Friday and Saturdays. I luckily have a great job where I can get some homework done while I am there. I am trying to graduate sooner than I should for when I started, so I am also taking 3 BYU independent study classes.

Cameron and I still love our apartment and are continuing to get to know new people in our ward which is always fun. We faithfully watch the BYU football games every Saturday, so if you are a fan too and want to come watch with us, you are more than welcome(Cameron's parents upgraded our cable for his birthday so we get the channel that the games are on).

Other than that, there is nothing really new or exciting going on in our lives right now. We did go to the BYU-UCLA game a couple weeks ago so I will put up those pictures when we get them from Cameron's parents.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home

After we got back from our cross country travels we went back to our apartment for one day, just long enough to unpack, do laundry and re-pack to go home to Spokane for about a week. Hillary's cousin Jordan was having his wedding reception on friday so we went up for that and to just hang out with family before school starts back up. We had lots of fun seeing everyone and it went by way too fast. We took lots of pictures with family so here you go...
The Skelton kids-I'm not sure how Cameron and I look like the youngest when we are actually two of the oldest
I got to have a girls night out with a bunch of my friends from Spokane and it was a blast!
Cameron and his youngest brother Scott
My grandma and I
Skelton kids at the reception
Thompson grandkids(minus Justin and Garrett)

Favorite cousin! (Staci)
We got to see our friends Jon and Michelle Spear which was fun, but the best part was holding new baby Nixon. 
He is such a cute baby