Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bad timing for an injury

This past week Cameron was playing in his last men's softball game with our ward. He slid into second base on the second to last play of the game to avoid being nailed in the face with the ball that was coming directly at him and this is what happened...

These pictures were taken this morning(4 days after the incident), so it's not hardly swollen at all anymore. You can see he is starting to bruise pretty bad all around his toes and around his ankle. It looks really gross in person.

It happened at about 11pm on Tuesday. Cameron was sure that he could just ice it and take lots of medicine and he would at least be able to walk on it in the morning. He said he was fairly sure it wasn't broken, but that it was the worst sprain he had ever had. Well, the next morning, he could not even get out of bed and couldn't put any weight on it at all. It was SO swollen and looked pretty bad. We decided to both skip our first class and take him to the health center to get it looked at. They did an x-ray and it wasn't broken(luckily), but the doctor said "wow, that is one whopper of a sprain"(awesome). They gave him an air cast and crutches and sent him off to class. I felt bad watching him hobble along to his class, but I had to get to my classes so I couldn't really help him at all. It is starting to feel a little better and he can more and more weight on it each day, but still relies pretty heavily on his crutches for now.

It seemed like horrible timing, happening right as finals are starting and going to Glacier to go camping in a little over a week, AND Cameron and his dad and brothers are all running a half marathon in Mesa Falls in less than a month. I'm not sure if he will be able to run it, but even if he can it is putting quite a damper in his training... oh well, he said people on campus are extra nice to him when they see him on the crutches and total strangers will come ask him if he needs help carrying things or getting the door and stuff. Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Fun" Fourth of July Weekend

This past weekend Cameron and I were excited to get a few days off school and work and just go do a few fun things for the holiday. As you can tell by the title of this post, things didn't exactly work out as well as we had planned.
We had planned on going canoeing with our friends Collin and Joy on Friday the 3rd. Well, we went canoeing.... it was supposed to be about a two-three hour trip down the river, but ended up being much quicker than that. We got there and sprayed ourselves down with bug spray because the area we were in had TONS of mosquitoes. So after we had been sprayed, we loaded the canoes into the water and got going.

Things went fairly well for the first little bit(minus the fact that I had completely forgotten how to steer and we were going from one side of the river to the other the entire time). As we got going there were more and more mosquitoes and it was getting cloudier and cloudier.

There were two different spots along the way that we had to get out and carry the canoes across the land and put them back into the water. Well, this is obviously easier said than done. We got out of the water fine and the boys hauled the canoes up a big hill, then we got to the other side and needed to put them back in the water. Collin and Joy made a graceful entry into the water, but then we thought we found a less steep place to put our canoe in... long story short(er), I got dumped out of the canoe and straight into the swampy,freezing cold and disgusting water. I was soaked and freezing.

About ten minutes later it started to thunder and lightening so we decided we better get out. We thought "no problem, we will just get out and eat lunch and wait it out". Well when we got out it started to downpour and we were all soaked. We tried to get under cover but everywhere we went had TONS of bugs and I was getting bitten like CRAZY. Well, we quickly jumped back in the canoes and head back to our cars. We were all soaked and I was shivering because I was so cold, but we got back to our apartment safe and sound. It was still a fun mini-trip and we laughed A TON about how it ended up. Thanks guys!

The boys before getting into the water

Collin and Joy enjoying the beginning of the trip

Collin pushing the canoes up the steep hill we had to cross

Cameron pulling the canoes over the hill just before my infamous swim in the river

Joy spraying collin with bug spray while we were trying to wait out the storm

Saturday Cameron and I decided we were going to head to Idaho Falls for the day and watch the big fireworks show they have there. It is right over the river and was supposed to be awesome. Well, we heard you had to go WAY early to get a good view of the fireworks. We got there at about 1pm and laid out our blanket. We didn't even get a good spot at first cuz there were so many people that marked off spot with string!!! How lame is that? so we laid out on our blanket and then were like "ok, only NINE more hours to sit here for a 30 minute show, no big deal". Well, we were dumb and didn't bring ANYTHING with us to do. We brought snacks and that's about it.Luckily, there were a bunch of drunk guys that were pretty entertaining(minus the fact that they smoked the ENTIRE day and we could hardly breathe). We were bored out of our minds the entire day and it was SO hot. I totally felt me getting burnt UNTIL... it randomly started pouring down RAIN on us. Seriously, our luck... Anyway, Cameron ran to the car and grabbed our umbrella and we both crouched under that and tried (unsuccessfully) to not get our blanket soaked. It only rained for a little while and then we were back to trying to think up things to do. We resorted to playing car games like I Spy and 20 questions... lame, I know. Well, we somehow sat there and saved our seat for the WHOLE day and then about a half hour before the show they shut down the street right behind us and people just walked up right then and sat right behind us with the SAME view that we thought we had to reserve ALL day. That was a bit frustrating for sure. we found out that Kory and Melanie were doing fireworks at their house and Kory texted Cameron seeing if we wanted to come, but at that point we didn't want to leave since we had been there waiting for that show so long. Anyway, it was a good show in the end and was beautiful right over the water, but Cameron and I agree that the best part was the drunk guys that sat next to us all day. They made the funniest comments during the show, it was hilarious. I think by the end of the day we kinda wished we had gone over to Kory and Mel's(especially when we heard about all the happenings over there). It took over an hour to get home, which I guess isn't too horrible, but by the end of the already long day it seemed very long.

Getting rained on

Our view for the whole day... not too bad



Sunday Cameron had to teach in Elder's quorum so he got up at like 4:30 to finalize his lesson plans. I had a HORRIBLE nights sleep because I had over 90 mosquito bites from the canoeing on Friday. My legs and especially my back was COVERED. Everyone else only had one or two bites... I think mine was so much worse because I fell in the swampy water. Anyway, I scratched my back so much it was bleeding and I was miserable at church. As soon as we left church we went straight to Walgreens and asked the pharmacist what we should do. He was like "wow! you really did get bit huh?" uh... yeah. So he told us to get some anti-itch cream and spray and see what worked better. Thus, the rest of the day was spent in agony while Cameron sprayed me and put the cream on the bites. It itched so bad every time he put anything on them.

Sorry, these are kinda gross, but this is my back on Sunday. And no, those lines are not stretch marks, they are SCRATCH marks. Cameron kept telling me not to scratch them, but obviously I didn't listen.

Quick Trip Home

Two weekends ago we made a REALLY quick trip home to Spokane for my cousin Garrett's homecoming. We couldn't leave until about 7pm on Friday because Cameron had to work till then. so we roll into Spokane at about 2am on Saturday, go straight to sleep for about 6 hours and then get up to get ready for my cousin Baylee's baptism. Cameron was playing the piano for it so we had to get there even earlier than normal. The baptism went well and it was fun seeing all my cousins and family there. After the baptism, we went home and changed and headed over to the Lovinger's house to see everyone over there. It was fun to see them and we had quite the adventure spontaneously cutting down a big tree in the backyard. We had dinner back at my house and then had a firepit with a bunch of people and that was fun. the next day we had family pictures taken since it was the first time in a long time that ALL my cousins were together and it probably wont happen again for a while. After pictures we headed over to the church for Garrett's homecoming. He did an AWESOME job, I loved his talk and I'm so proud he's my cousin! Immediately after sacrament meeting we jumped in the car and started the drive back to Rexburg. We got in at about midnight and went straight to bed because we both have 7:45 classes on Monday morning. All in all it was a fun trip and I'm glad we went. It was so fun getting to see everyone and having a little break from school.

My family eating dinner Saturday night

All the Thompson grandkids

I have a video of the tree cutting at Lovinger's house, but it's not working right now. I'll try to add it asap.