Sunday, January 5, 2014


We had a good December. We couldn't go home to Spokane until the 27th of December because of Cameron's school schedule, so we did our own little Christmas in Cleveland. It didn't go quite as planned as we all ended up with some kind of 24 hour flu right on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, but it was still fun. We all flew to Spokane on the 27th. Cameron was able to stay about a week and the boys and I stayed until the middle of January. We got to see lots of family and enjoyed spending so much time there. 

We only overlapped with all the Lovinger grandkids for one night so we went to Coeur D'Alene and took a Christmas boat cruise around the lake. Every had fun and the kids looked so cute all bundled up!

earlier in December, we were able to go out to dinner with some of Cameron's friends from school. They all deserved a fun night out with how much work they put into school!

Christmas morning

Henry and Grant helping clean up after the ward Christmas party


Night out on the town for these hardworking students!

New Year's Eve with the cousins at Grandma and Grandpa Green's house

Cody's very first haircut
(at the same place where Grant got his)
We got it cut right around his first birthday, before we went home for Christmas

Cookies for santa and carrots for the reindeer 

Cody turned ONE on December 14th. We didn't do too much because Cameron was buried in school and wasn't home very often. We got him his very own ice cream from Dairy Queen and let him go at it. 

Christmas in Spokane

I hate that these are so out of order, but I don't have time to fix them. I just want to get them all up and saved on the blog!

At the beginning of December, our town(Lakewood) has a great Christmas festival out on the main road. We were all planning on going, but Cody got too cold and tired, so Cameron took him home and Grant and I got to have some good one on one time. It was so much fun. Grant got his face painted, saw reindeer, got hot chocolate, and I even bought him a glowstick. It was a great time with just the two of us. 

Best buddies. Truman and Grant

The boys playing with the chopped up confetti paper that was in with our christmas card order

Walking to Walgreens to get saltines and ginger ale on Christmas day ):

Flying to Spokane!

Just missing Staci

Headed to the cruise boat in CDA