Thursday, August 27, 2009

Adrian's Wedding

Right after we got back from the rafting trip we came home, unpacked, re-packed and left again all within about ten hours or so. We headed down to Salt Lake to see my good friend Adrian, from college get married. It was a beautiful day and the bride looked gorgeous. It was fun to see her and I was also really excited to see my friend Rachel who I hadn't seen in a year! It was so good to see her and spend the day just chatting and laughing like the old college days (:

I was very proud of my bargain shopping for our hotel. It was a Hampton Inn that I got for way cheap, but I wanted to still get a nice one. This one looked really nice online and got good reviews, but you still never know. I was very pleasantly surprised when we got there. It was really big and everything looked brand new and way good for the deal I got. Just had to share my proud little moment on this trip.

The night before the wedding, my cousin Stephanie invited us over to her new apartment for dinner. She made a delicious meal and it was so fun to see all my cousins who live in Utah. This is Cole, Amy(my cousin Jordan's wife) and Garrett.

Here are Rachel and I outside the temple. It was SO good to finally see her.

Cameron and I outside the temple

Not sure what we were laughing about here, but I thought it was a cute picture.

The beautiful bride. She looked so happy, and I am so happy for her. Congrats Adrian!

After the wedding and before the luncheon Rachel, Elissa, Cameron and I decided to go take a tour of the conference center. This is on the roof.

The girls

Skelton Family Rafting Trip 2009

This year my family decided to do a white water rafting trip. We went to Riggins, Idaho which is the same place that my dad has been taking the young men rafting for over ten years. Cole and Cameron and my dad had been before, but it was the first time for any of the girls. We had a few minor(ok, pretty major) setbacks to start off the trip with, but in the end we were able to get in two days of rating.

The whole family... So much fun!

Dad, AKA Captain

It rained and was cold the whole first day so we were all stylin' in our ponchos

Cameron and Cole leading the way

My dad devouring a huge burger at our favorite place to eat in Riggins

The owner saw us taking pictures and thought it was so great, so the next day when we came we saw she had put this up on the reader board: Looks so good, tastes so good, Take a picture of it! It was pretty hilarious.

Cameron saw the photographer on the bridge and decided it would be funny to wave.

We also had fun just hanging out in the hotel. It was a really nice hotel that looked out right over the river. It was also kinda nice because there were not many people there so we had a lot of it to ourselves.

Overall it was such a great family trip and even though there were plenty of car problems, I don't think it could have gone much better. I think we are all hoping it will become an annual Skelton vacation.

The family

The real us (:

Lovinger Family Camping Trip 2009

It is a long standing tradition in the Lovinger family to go camping at Glacier National Park each summer. I have now been twice as a new Lovinger and it is tons of fun each time. This year we went about a week after school was out at the end of July. It is a great time to just hang out with the family and get together when we are all living in different states the rest of the year.

The trip got off to a rough start when the suburban broke down about 45 minutes away from camp. Cameron, Sean, Scott and I all went ahead in our car to hurry and set up the tents before it started raining. We were just in time because right as we were finishing it started pouring. Cameron went and picked up his parents and Nicole and Tyler from the car and by the time they came back Sean, Scott and I were all huddled in one tent trying to stay dry. We quickly threw everything in the tents and set up our things to go to bed. Cameron and I walked into our tent to find huge puddles of water everywhere. We thought we could just go to sleep and be fine, but there were drops of water dripping through the top of the tent and onto us. We decided that we would just sleep in our car that night and hopefully the rain would stop soon and we could go back to our tent. The rain didn't stop all night which meant we spent the first night of our trip crammed in the back seat of our car. Here is our nice bed.

We spent lots of time down by the water and skipping rocks was a favorite pastime.

Sorry this is a little blurry, but it had the most people in it. We played lots of games that were way fun as well.

Making homemade ice cream was VERY entertaining

Reading was a big part of this trip as well. Everyone had a book or two they were reading throughout our time there.

The girls making dinner... Very soon there will be another girl to add to the family.

Cameron and I in front of the gorgeous scenery.

The boys tubing

Cameron and his dad after tubing

The soon-to-be grandma and grandpa Lovinger

Cameron's 5-Day Yard Makeover

Hey everyone! This is Cameron. This is my first attempt at all this blog what-not. Hillary thought it was appropriate for me to write about this one since she wasn't even there.

So, on the last day of school as soon as my last final was over I hobbled to the car on my crutches (see last post) and headed to the Greyhound bus station to catch a ride home to Spokane. Hillary still had to work so she stayed home in Rexburg, but because all my jobs are on campus I don't work when school is out. What is normally only a 7 hour drive becomes 11+ hour bus ride when you have to stop for smoke breaks every 1-2 hours. It is worse than having to stop for toddler potty breaks. I think I was one of 5 people out of the almost 100 passengers that would stay on the bus during these little smoking siestas. But thankfully no bus breakdowns so I made it home and Mom and Scottie came to get me at 1 am.

Ok, I will actually get to the yard work now. So when I was home the summer of 2007 I told my parents I wanted to build a waterfall in the backyard. They said fine, but we want you to build these few little walls first. I thought the walls would take me like a week to finish, but I was very wrong. The Great Wall of Lovinger took me that entire summer to finish but I found a new love/hobby in landscaping.

So this summer I was dedicated to build that waterfall, even though I only had a few days. The only other project I had left before it was the fire pit area. Before I got there, while my Mom was gone one weekend the boys did some demolition and tore down the nasty lava rock fire place. We thought it would be a good, kinda sentimental idea to build the fire pit out of that same rock. We decided to make a little bench out of the stone hearth as well. So Tyler headed up putting together the actual pit, I built the wall, and Sean and Scott carried endless wheel barrows of bricks and gravel. After all of hard work, I think it turned out pretty good. We had a fire almost every night for the next week down there. It was perfect!

I think the cherry tree will be a nice addition.

Here is a close up of the lave rock fire pit and the hearth-bench.

We tried to build a little stone love seat in to the wall near the fire pit.

We even built stairs into the wall for more easy access the fire pit area.

Here is a side view.

Now time for the waterfall. I have been taking pictures and taking notes in my mind for how I wanted my waterfall to look for years now. I don't know why, but I have always had a fascination with waterfalls. My mom didn't want an actual pond, so we decided to go for the water feature at the top and waterfall in the middle. The water feature part is concrete cast, which we quickly found out is extremely heavy. The smallest piece I would guess to be around 200 lbs so Sean and I could get it fairly easily. The middle piece was probably near 500 lbs, and Sean and I were able to wheel barrow it over with only skirting death a few times. Now the largest piece was a whole different story. I would bet that monster is near 1000 lbs. Now that might be a slight exaggeration, but it is not far off. Sean and I couldn't even budge it only the two of us. We got Scottie and my Dad to help and we could still barely move it. We had to have all four of us roll it up the hill. It was a bit treacherous.

Once we got the concrete up on top, the only thing left to to was run the electrical wiring. Now did I mention I had never done anything like that before? That was the worst disaster of all. Jon Spear and I played around with it until nearly 1 am that night and it only barely worked. We just happened to have an electrician come by the house the next morning. When he got there he looked at me, at the spliced amateur wiring, back at me and then just shook his head in shame and disgust. He was really nice did give me a few pointers how to fix it.

All in all it turned out awesome. We even got Montana river rock to line the bottom because it reminded us of being at Glacier National Park in Montana. Sadly, I finished it all about noon that day and we had to leave an hour later to go camping at Glacier. I am happy to finally have my waterfall!