Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Day In The Life...

I have wanted to do this post for a while, but kept forgetting to take pictures, so a couple of days ago I finally did it. It is a day in the life of Grant... I know, probably no one cares to see the boring day to day things we do, but I will be glad I have it in a few years im sure. No pictures were staged, this is real life (:

7:43am-Grant usually talks/cries for a few minutes till I go pick him up. Here he is ready for me to come get him.

7:45am-play time

so happy!

8:00am-diaper changed(obviously not too happy about it)

8:02am-hear dad coming through the door from work

8:03am-TRY to go to dad(Cameron has extremely sick and sometimes contagious patients, so he always showers and scrubs down really good before he can hold Grant)

8:05am- As soon as Cameron walks in the door Grant will not leave his side(including standing at the side of the shower waiting for him to get out).

8:15am-playing with a disease free dad!

8:25am- eating eggs and toast with mom and dad before dad goes to bed for the day. (Also, take note of the big boy booster seat he is in at the table, so nice).

8:40am-changed out of pj's and all loaded up for the walk to the YMCA.

8:50am-At the Y ready to play while mom works out

11am- down for a nap

1pm-up from nap

1:15pm-eating lunch with mom "mmm string cheese"

1:45pm-playtime with his new bouncy ball

1:55pm hide and seek in the tent

2:05pm- reading time

2:40pm-All strapped in and ready to run errands(we have found Grant's new FAVORITE thing... these sticky lint removers. Somehow we have like 4 that we never use and he found one and loves it. Now we have one that stays in the car and he just plays with it for however long the car ride is. He has never been so content in the car!)

2:55pm-Doing some grocery shopping with mom(we also went to Target and the jewelry store to get a ring cleaned)
4:15pm- snack time

4:25pm-helping mom pack a lunch for dad

4:35pm- running around out on the deck

"hi mom!"

5:20pm- wake dad up! Grant loves doing this everyday. He will crawl up to cameron and roll around on him until Cameron grabs him and tickles him and wrestles with him, all while Grant is laughing hysterically.

5:45pm- eating dinner(Cameron did Grant's hair in a little crazy half mohawk thing)

6:15pm- walk dad out to the car to say goodbye for the night

6:40pm- play with Jenna and Callie for a bit

7:00pm- In the tub!

7:15pm-check out his clean self in the mirror. This is my favorite part about bath time. When we get Grant out and in his towel, he always wants to stop on the way out and look in the mirror. He always smiles and laughs and makes faces at himself. So cute.

7:30pm-pj's on, clean diaper, and ready to read some books. This is Grant's absolute favorite book right now. He got it for his birthday and we have to read it every night. It is a zoo book(I think I talked about it in the last post a little) and there is this page with pigs and a spot with "mud" that is sticky. He will flip to that page as fast as he can and then never let us turn the page. He just sits with the pigs....

and most nights he lays down with them too

7:40pm-didn't get a picture of actually going to bed, but you get the idea.

I know the day seems kinda boring, but I love it. We have a good routine and get to spend lots of time just hanging out together(of course we like the days that Cameron has off even better).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding and Grant's 1st Birthday!

We were able to head back to Spokane one last time for the summer. Cameron's brother Sean got married and his other brother Scott will leave soon on his mission and we wanted to be sure and see him one last time before he left. As always it was a really fun trip and went by too fast. We are already looking forward to Christmas to see everyone again. Another big milestone happened while we were home. Grant turned ONE! We had a great party. He is so lucky to have so many people love him. The wedding was great and we are so happy for Sean and Melissa.

Taking a nap after the long night of flying from Cleveland to Spokane

Grant being shy while we were out to lunch with my grandma one day

having fun with Grandpa

The deer kept eating the flowers in the backyard(where the reception was), so for the week leading up to the wedding Sean and Scott got to be guardsman and sleep outside with their guns to keep the deer away. You can see one of them camped out on a cot at the end of the yard.

Grant's actual birthday was on a Sunday so we had a little family dinner with the Lovinger's, Green's, Siddoway's and Skelton's.

Grant and Papa on his birthday(Grant sucking his tongue, which he does a lot now when he is nervous or tired.)

Dinner out on the patio

Grant got a birthday cupcake, but was not super interested in it. He ate a few chunks and then decided he was done.

Taste test...

Starting to think about throwing it on the ground.
He started squeezing it in his hands in frustration and squishing it all over-meaning he had had enough.

Playing with Great Grandpa's watch(I don't think I got any better pictures of it, but his shirt says "Birthday Boy!")
The next day we had a bigger party for him at a local pizza place. We reserved the party room and Paige and I went early to decorate. The theme was monkeys and I think it turned out pretty cute.

This is how Grant arrived to his own birthday party...He slept for about a half hour, but was still pretty tired the rest of the time.

Sleeping away on Great Grandma Green

Trying to get him to dig into his cake. It was pretty much a repeat of the night before, but this time he was just way too tired to even get mad about it, he just didn't do anything.

Nicole, Tyler and Katelyn flew in just before the party... Katelyn was much more interested in the whole cake thing than Grant was. Grant wouldn't even touch it. I tried to just feed him a piece and he didn't want that either... SO we gave it to Katelyn (:

just before Grant's near-death experience

After being traumatized by nearly choking to death on a peach. Uncle Scott was being awesome and feeding him peaches, but somehow he just choked on one really bad. It was a little scary.

sitting with Grammy
opening presents- he was totally spoiled by everyone and he LOVES everything that he got.

he seriously LOVES this book he got from great grandma and grandpa Green

The SUPER cute monkey cake that Cameron made. HE made a big one for everyone and then a little baby monkey one just for Grant.

Big one

baby monkey cake

Melissa and Sean at the party

Sean turned the smiley face upside down once we cut into his head (:

I think Grant had a great 1st birthday. Thanks SO much for everyone that came!

Grant loved having so much nice backyard to crawl around in. He especially loved the big dirt pile that was in the back one day while the boys were putting in new sod. Here is what he looked like after 5 minutes outside. He is ALL boy! Look how happy he is to be so dirty!

Needless to say, I carried him right down to the bathtub and gave him a good scrubbin'.

Aunt Paige and Grant

While we were there, Paige took a few 1 year pictures of Grant. He wasn't being super cooperative, but we got a couple good ones.

this one just makes me laugh... he is like "seriously mom, I am way too old for this now".

I think this one looks like a baby senior picture. He wasn't posed at all, but it totally looks like he was.

not sure what this is...just another example of him getting into things

Just playing around in aunt Paige's room

Grant was VERY comfortable on Paige's bed

with great Grandpa Green

hanging out with uncle Scottie
love both of their expressions in this picture


one day before the wedding we all took a break from the preparations and headed to Silverwood. It was fun to ride a couple roller coasters and there were even a few little rides that Grant and Katelyn could go on.

here are Grant and Papa on the dumbo ride

Grant and Daddy on the kiddie roller coaster. Grant didn't love it(I don't think he would have liked it either way, but he was still recovering from some weird allergic reaction to something in his eyes earlier in the day. I wish I would have taken a picture. His poor little eyes were super watery and he couldn't even open them for a long time... SO we are just going to say that he didn't like it because he was still in pain).

Sean "accidentally" squirted a whole ketchup packet onto Cameron's shirt/arms/neck etc. It was pretty funny.
Grammy and Grant in front of the ferris wheel

The had a really nice water park too. It was fun and Grant loved crawling around in the kids area. He loves water.

One of the days we were home my Grandma took us out to my favorite mexican restaurant. Grant loved the tortillas and would take HUGE bite. My grandma thought it was hilarious(and it was)
playing in the grass with aunt Brooke

some pictures from the wedding

Saying goodbye to everyone the day we flew out

We had to fly in and out of Colombus,Ohio for the trip and we didn't get into Columbus until well about 1am, so we had made reservations at a hotel near the airport. We were glad we did, so we could get a good night's sleep and drive the 2 hours the next morning instead of in the middle of the night. We thought they had made a mistake with our reservation because when we got in our room we saw it was really nice and had this big jacuzzi tub. We never ended up getting to enjoy it since we were all so tired, but Grant enjoyed crawling around in it for a minute.

After we got back, on August 23rd, Grant had his 1 year check up. Here are his stats from that:

Height: 29 3/4 inches tall 33rd percentile
Weight: 24 lbs 14 oz 90th percentile

I can't believe how fast this past year has gone. It is crazy how much he looks like a little boy now and not so much like a baby. He is the fastest crawler I have ever seen(with his crazy one-legged crawl he does). He is pretty shy around big groups of people, but if he knows you or is just with a couple people he will talk your ear off. He says mama and dada and hi, but not on command at all, and again mostly only with a few people around. He loves to be read to and loves any interactive books. We have to hold his hands back sometimes so he won't go straight to the next page of a book to lift the next flap. Oh, I thought this was typical Grant- for his birthday he got a touch and feel petting zoo book. There are different animals and each page has something you can touch having to do with that animal. On the page with pigs it has a little pile of mud that is sticky to touch. He will flip through the whole book as fast as he can to get to the page with the mud. Then he will just sit and feel the sticky mud for a long time before he decides he can move on. He loves to play hide and seek and still loves to be held as much as ever. When he gets really excited he will crawl super fast in a little circle and laugh. It's pretty funny. He is good at throwing things(anything and everything really), but he does like to throw the football to his dad. I am going to go back and add more details to all of my other posts from this past year because I want to remember every detail from him as a baby(and I am already forgetting a lot!). We are so blessed to have Grant in our lives. He makes me laugh (hard) EVERYday and we love him(obviously) (: