Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Summary

Normally I would take the time to put all of these pictures in chronological order, write some descriptive comment by each one, tell the whole long and detailed story of whatever I am updating about and, in the end, have a very nice post to add to our blog to be printed and added to our "blog journals", but I just don't want to take the time to do that this time. Updating the blog has been on my "to do" list for a LONG time and I just want to have it done so I can look back and remember Grant's first Christmas, (I know, bad mom who chooses to not do her son's first Christmas the justice it deserves in the memory books). So here is a QUICK summary of our Christmas and lots of pictures:

We flew out on December 22nd to go home to Spokane for Christmas. Grant was really good on both flights, even though he was super tired once we finally got to Spokane. He LOVED all the family and ALL the attention he got while we were there. He got some great new toys and books from his grandparents and got to meet some family that he had never met before. Cameron stayed for a week and then had to go back to work. Grant and I stayed an extra two weeks and had fun just hanging out. Grant made 2 trips to Pennys for pictures and we got some really cute ones of him and our family. I think it's illegal, but I am going to scan them in here and put them up when I get all of them. Both the Lovingers and the Skeltons had the flu going around and even though we tried REALLY hard not to get it, Grant and I both still ended up getting it too, but really not that bad. Our 3rd wedding anniversary was on December 28th and we didn't do too much because that was the day that I got sick. We did go see Harry Potter and went to my favorite restaurant in Spokane, but I couldn't eat anything since my stomach was not doing so well. We will try to plan a "re-do" anniversary date sometime soon. Grant and I flew back on January 8th. I was really nervous to so the long flight by myself, especially with Grant and I still not feeling good, but Grant did AWESOME. I seriously couldn't have asked for anything better. The flight attendants loved him as usual and we were both very happy to get back to our house and see daddy again! Overall, it was a great Christmas and it was so fun to be home and with family.

So in no particular order, here are the pictures from the trip.

ok,I lied. I just have to put how much I LOVE this picture. Grant LOVED his Great Grandma Margaret and she LOVED him just as much.

Lied again... this was me trying to recreate the Tom Cruise "Risky Business" dance scene.

lie #3... This picture was taken just before we left for Christmas. I had to document some of the fun "man dates" that Cameron and our friend/downstairs neighbor Jake have been doing. This particular night they were enjoying some root beer and watching a movie. We LOVE having friends literally 10 feet away(if that).

These are some funny videos. One of Grant's new talents is blowing raspberries. If you do it to him, he will do it back, and sometimes we just hear him doing it for fun. The other video is Cameron and Grant playing with a stocking stuffer that Grant got. I think he was a little tired because he usually doesn't laugh quite this hard at things.