Thursday, October 31, 2013


I hate to do it this way, but because my scary hospital stuff really did throw us for a loop, I got completely behind on my blog and then life got crazy with Cameron's school and just life, so I am actually doing the next year and a half of updates in 2015! I don't have time or the memory really, to do each post the justice it deserves, so I decided I am going to do wrap up summary's of each month until I am caught up. They won't be in nearly as much detail as I like, but at least they will be documented and the pictures will be in order/ saved. 

Cameron turned 31 on the 23rd. I surprised him and took him on a date night to a place that was like an hour away called Old Carolina BBQ. It had real authentic hush puppies, cole slaw, pulled pork and cheer wine. He really enjoyed it. Reminded him of foods from his mission.

On his actual birthday, I called some friends to meet us at Mitchell's Ice Cream. It was really fun.

Jud, Cameron and Jake

Our cute little lakewood house in the fall. So pretty 

the morning of Cameron's birthday. the boys and I got up and decorated

Carving pumpkins 

making pancakes!

We could never go grocery shopping without stopping at the bakery to get a free cookie for these cute boys!

A couple of long teething nights

Costco samples

Cody turned 10 months old on the 14th

A missionary from our ward teaching Grant how to rope

Grant snuck cody a whole stick of butter while I was in the bathroom!

Cody loved just looking out the window and watching the cars and birds 

dad's home from school! hooray!

Fun evenings with mom at Chick fil A to have dinner and get energy out while dad is at school

Of course, watching BYU Cougar football

Headed to the Halloween party at the YMCA.

Cody "helping" to pass out the candy on Halloween. It was actually on November 4th because trick or treating got rescheduled due to a hurricane that caused some major damage around town. 

A rare night out with dad

Fun at the child watch at the Y.

At the ward Halloween party- Spiderman and a dragon!